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  1. Sai_Wolf

    Help an idiot help another idiot - Old harddrive, new computer

    Hmm. Judging by the info in the OP, this probably won't fly. It'll probably be along the lines of "BUT WHY DO I HAVE TWO?", because it'll be Windows 7+ and an XP VM. Is this dude deadset against just transferring the data, OP? Does he want just his data (Pics, movies, docs, etc)? Because if he...
  2. Sai_Wolf

    Unpopular Opinions

    Yes. We don't speak of them, though. I believe that Linux has limited use in the Desktop area, and is best regulated to things like embedded scenarios and servers. I believe Android fragmentation is a severely bad thing. Bush was a god awful band But I'll listen to Glycerine on the sly...
  3. Sai_Wolf

    'bootcamp', 'partion' 'mac compatible'. These are terms I need help with.

    I'm assuming your Mac is fairly recent, as you just bought it. Bootcamp's wizard is pretty self explanatory. You answer a few questions, decide how much space you want to give Windows, and it partitions the drive for you. Then it asks that you insert your Windows CD and it reboots and goes from...
  4. Sai_Wolf

    Dual monitor setup

    I want to put in a precaution here, OP. If your monitor has USB ports on the sides, as Ultra-Sharp Dell monitors do, then you might not want to go with the same model. Otherwise, you're going to wind up with USB port placement right in the middle of the monitors, and that's just wasteful. If...
  5. Sai_Wolf

    Summer is almost here!!! What are you going to do?

    Come to Louisiana, down south. Summer = Mosquitoes = Huge mosquitoes that leave a burning sting behind. Also, the humidity. You go outside, and you're soaked in sweat two minutes later. Fuck this state in the summertime.
  6. Sai_Wolf

    linux or windows

    The only little issue I've seen with ModernMix is, in some Modern apps, the mouse will go a bit haywire or 'drift'. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that you're resizing an app that thinks it's in fullscreen. So far, the only app that exhibits this behavior consistently is Fresh...
  7. Sai_Wolf

    Linux Distro Preferences?

    If you want something other than Ubuntu, Mint would be the way to go imo. And Mint has better compatibility with Ubuntu packages, as it was based on Ubuntu to begin with. I used to prefer Arch until they went to systemd. Now it's a headache and a half to get a DE up and running. The AUR can be...
  8. Sai_Wolf

    Galaxy S4

    Rockin' the Verizon Galaxy Nexus 32GB m'self. I don't think I could ever own a non-nexus android phone after my Droid X. Non-unlockable boot loaders can eat a dick. I'm sitting at 124 MB of free RAM right now, and the phone's idling. It's a fresh restore (as of yesterday) to 4.2.2. But it's...
  9. Sai_Wolf

    linux or windows

    Pretty much agree with the above. Also, it is insanely fast on UEFI systems on boot. For those of you, who would like to run Modern/Metro apps in a window? For $5, StarDock has you covered. And I'm slightly excited about "Blue" too. Curious to see what all it'll bring.
  10. Sai_Wolf

    Fishsticks are a solution in search of a problem.

    Well, if it's good enough for the Doctor...
  11. Sai_Wolf

    Techies: Help a Flareon!

    You're not being foolish, just a bit off is all. The extension .php or .html merely tells the web server HOW to display the file. (.php <-- This file has PHP code to execute. | .html <-- This file has pure markup. No need for code execution.) The accepted practice is just to embed HTML in .php...
  12. Sai_Wolf

    Techies: Help a Flareon!

    At a glance, that looks like PHP (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). And the link's broken, so I'm going to hazard a guess that when you click said link; you get code on display. I did notice that the extension was '.html', and unless you specifically told the webserver to execute PHP for...
  13. Sai_Wolf

    I hate Dell

    I'm not contesting that at all. The part I was contesting was that, in the OP and some of the replies afterward, it was made to seem like the PXE error message was directly code for "Your drive's bad." which is false. It just means that the PXE protocol couldn't detect an ethernet cable in the...
  14. Sai_Wolf

    I hate Dell

    I was going to comment on this too. That PXE error has nothing to do with the status of the hard disk. PXE is a network protocol meant to boot a computer over the network. It's telling you that there isn't an ethernet cable attached to your NIC card, so PXE can't boot. I've seen that error...
  15. Sai_Wolf

    Furry election 2012.

    In other election news, Obama has finally been declared winner of FL. 3 to 4 days after election night. And Allen West still refuses to concede to Murphy, even though the ballots have all been counted. He has filed injunctions and is demanding a recount, even though the difference between the...
  16. Sai_Wolf

    First auto 'accident' - Need help/have questions.

    Yeouch. $1K deductible? I hope you got $1K. The only thing you should see on the insurance is your rates going up. But you will be responsible for some of this out of your own pocket. I don't know if they're going to hold you to the deductible or not. I can't remember if that only applies to...
  17. Sai_Wolf

    Your favourite automotive brand?

    Rat rods! <3 I saw a few at a car show recently. It's amazing what they can shove into those frames. And +1 to sleeper cars. Something that doesn't absolutely scream "I go fast!". A lot of car guys have this...aversion to stock, but sometimes, I like stock looks. That Lincoln I linked earlier...
  18. Sai_Wolf

    When did Southern Politeness die?

    Raised in the corner of Georgia that touches Alabama and Florida. That's about as 'Deep South' as you can get. Even my hometown doesn't really do the 'Southern Hospitality' thing, though we sure do take credit for it if asked. :V @Aleu y u hate my accent? ;-; I CANT HELP HOW I TALK. My...
  19. Sai_Wolf

    Your favourite automotive brand?

    Hnnngggghh. Why can't I be rich and buy that car outright? :( It's gorgeous, the leather, everything's perfect..ffffffff. The only thing I don't like is the color. I was never one for that sort of weird beige color, but dat interior. <3 Did you just really call a 2 door Lincoln Continental an...
  20. Sai_Wolf

    The Different Kinds of Gay

    AFAIK, It's not limited to men. Could be wrong though.