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  1. Sylox


    Guess I'm back? I used to browse this forum back in the day buuuut left it for quite sometime. I'm a wolf, live and Maryland and I fursuit. Always open to meeting new people.
  2. Sylox

    How does one date in the fandom?

    Like, I'd love to date in the fandom, but how does one go about doing that? Everyone seems to have a BF or GF but me? What am I doing wrong?
  3. Sylox

    I'm back!!!

    Can't get rid of me that easily...
  4. Sylox

    Pee Pee's Gayhouse

    Many lulz were had. http://funnyjunk.com/movies/5629733/Pee+pees+gay+house/
  5. Sylox

    Furry families...why?

    We've all seen it; go on some furs profile and see shit like "Master", "pet", "Mother", "brother", etc. Why is this a thing?
  6. Sylox

    r/coontown...are you serious?

    I'm not mad at these racist white folks, if anything, I feel sorry for them and I feel sorry for the morons who cry Free Speech on the internet and fail to understand that the 1st Amendment doesn't cover private organizations. I'm surprised Reddit allows this drivel to exist, considering there...
  7. Sylox

    How much does Anthrocon cost?

    So I'm going to AC next year and am planning ahead of time so I can budget everything out. Can somebody tell me how much it costs overall? I don't really have to worry about travel because I can drive to Pittsburgh, but everything else I need to plan for, so can I get an estimate?
  8. Sylox

    FTL Travel

    I'm in geek mode right now with New Horizons making it to Pluto and decided to ask you all this. If it turns out Faster-than-Light Travel its possible, should humans really take advantage of it and on the flip side, what do you think it will mean for humanity if it turns out FTL is not...
  9. Sylox

    I don't hate gay marriage, but...

    the idea of me marrying a guy is kind of, well, its kind of disgusting. The other day I was just thinking that I could never marry a guy because it feels so wrong to me for some reason, yet I don't' have any problem with others doing it. Has anybody else had this feeling before?
  10. Sylox

    Hottest anime characters

    Who are the hottest anime characters in existence for you? Ken Kaneki Rin Okumura Kirito Inuyasha Natsu Naruto Soma Yukihira Luffy Sakura Hinata
  11. Sylox

    How do I draw heads better?

    As the questions says, how do I draw heads better? Heads are one of the things that I've always struggled with and I want to know how to do them better. These directions that are usual given on sites lik FA or dA can be hard to follow sometimes.
  12. Sylox

    Ash Ketchum is a choker

    He might be the biggest choker I've ever seen. He doesn't know how to use his Pokemon, he relies on that yellow rat too much and he always chokes in the big tournaments. He's pathetic.
  13. Sylox

    FA users and Skype

    ...ughh some furries should NOT use Skype. There are those who can only give one word replies, those who ONLY want to RP and then there are the ones who just guilt trip you into a corner. Why are furries so bad at social skills?
  14. Sylox

    Furries and Commissions

    On FA we all know that person who seems to have hundreds of commissions in their gallery and what not. I've always wondered how do they support their spending spree, because I sincerely doubt they're getting them for free. BTW, I HATE that watchers who upload their commissioned works seemingly...
  15. Sylox

    When do you become a pop fur?

    Like is there a certain amount of watchers or does something else make you a pop fur?
  16. Sylox

    I feel like I've hit a wall

    IDK what it is, but I feel as if I'm stuck when it comes to drawing. I feel like I'm not progesssing at all, just coasting and it sucks. I think I'm going to go back and look at some tutorials or something because I'm just stuck and it's weird.
  17. Sylox

    Drawing with a tablet...help!

    Hey guys, so I just started using a tablet and it's the hardest thing to work with. I can't seem to make straight lines at all, which makes it hard for me to ink drawing or do other stuff. Can you all give me some tips on what I should be doing as well as linking any tutorials? It'd be a big help.
  18. Sylox

    Sonic fandub

    I hate Sonic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wO9RO7elaDo
  19. Sylox

    Open for Writing Commissions

    Hey party people!!! I've decided to do commissions full time, so here is all of the information you need to know. I'll be starting a new job and until I get settled in with my work schedule, I'll only be doing short stories for now, although I do write medium and long stories. [WRITING] What I...
  20. Sylox

    Drugs are bad m'kay?

    Crazy dude at Target losses his shit. https://youtu.be/GtkBX5DWGDo