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  1. Vic_the_Hard_Rock_Wolf

    You know, being a furry is just sweet

    It just randomly occurred to me that this silly, fuzzy little thing we are into is actually just really cool. And I don't mean specific things either, but generally this thing has brought a lot of extra worth, joy and nice people to my life and I believe I'm not alone with that sentiment. I...
  2. Vic_the_Hard_Rock_Wolf

    Other kangaroos?

    My close friend's fursona is a kangaroo but he often feels being alone with that. So if you happen to be a kangaroo fur or know someone who is then please come in and say hi :)
  3. Vic_the_Hard_Rock_Wolf


    Hello there! Have been a furry with denial for years but recently decided to just say f*** it and finally start embracing this whole thing. The marks of trying to consciously hate the community are somewhat deep though so I'm still in the middle of getting used to everything. I can also say that...