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  1. Foxy_Boy

    Lets talk physics!

    The second law of Thermodynamics which basically states that the “order of a system must always decrease” -- or alternatively, Entropy, physics’ measure of disorder, must always increase. The difficulty is that most systems -- even when they are believed to be a closed system -- are quite...
  2. Foxy_Boy

    Need computer internals help!

    Yeah so, I wanna add like 1 or 2 GB to my RAM, and I wanna get a 512MB NIVIDIA gforce 8800 graphics card, I think thats a graphics card.... Or some other card with equivalent level of.... Well one that just as good or better than the gforce 8800. Whats really important though is that I have no...
  3. Foxy_Boy

    The dirty joke thread.

    So I was at a party last night, and you gotta have some good jokes at a partay right? before it gets all crazy anyways. Well thats how I got the idea for this. Well I had about 10 shots & 4 beers.... Not in that order... Among other things... So I don't really remember anybodys jokes... Or they...
  4. Foxy_Boy

    A fitness/ Body toning question.

    Is there a way for a guy to widen his hips without putting on fat? Or is this all based on bone structure... I once heard ballet can do the trick but I don't know for sure.
  5. Foxy_Boy

    What is your favorite fruit?

    Other than me :V
  6. Foxy_Boy

    Gorillaz: Plastic Beach

    So I got the new Gorillaz album "Plastic Beach", Its quite different sounding, much calmer rather than energetic sounding like the other albums, though this might take some getting used to its still a great album, they didn't let me down. Tracks: 01 Orchestral intro (5:03): A mix of symphony...
  7. Foxy_Boy

    Gay guys have bigger shlongs.

    No matter if your genes tell your cock to be big or small, if your gay you have a bigger default! Hahaha! Just thought I'd rub it in :3 http://www.salon.com/health/sex/urge/world/1999/11/04/size/index.html Why on Earth would gay guys be heavier hung? "It might have something to do with...
  8. Foxy_Boy

    Pirates > Ninjas

    Theres a reason Pirate comes after Ninja in the forum rankings :P ninjas might have ninja skills & shurkins, But Pirates have flintlock pistols, shotguns, Grenados & cannons + they also pwn at sword fighting Stupid ninjas.... If anyone says anything about a POTC movie I'll pop you >_>
  9. Foxy_Boy

    Good day!

    Hi, I've been a fan of the "furry" community for about 3years or so, and I decided to join up on the forum :O Not that that is out of the way, SUCK MY BALLS!