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  1. Rose McCoy

    who are you voting for?

    If you are in the US, then who would you want to be present and why? If your not able to vote, or are not in the US the question still stands. Who would you want running america and why?
  2. Rose McCoy

    RP for "hire"

    If you need a companion for your rp, whatever the subject, just PM me. I have 3 fursonas that I can play as. It dosent aactually cost enything by the way :p Ill also ggladly play eny character thay you knead that is not mine, the 3 are just the ones I made. Rose McCoy Purple coy wolf with green...
  3. Rose McCoy

    venting about my fursona.

    Im a bit agitated right now at my fursona. Oh Rose, why did I make you so? For some quick background on myself, my sex is male. My gender is kinda up in the air at the moment. The problem im having at the moment is that my fursona has verry feminine features. And is like 5 foot 3. And being a 6...
  4. Rose McCoy

    what furry things do you have?

    I just desided to make a mask, and it made me wonder what kind of furry stuff people had. I only have a tail at the moment
  5. Rose McCoy

    why cant I reply?

    The reply box has poofed. Its gone. Im clearly not baned, because A) id probably get notified B) I can stil poast threds, and C) I dont thing I broke the roles.
  6. Rose McCoy

    Tavern RP

    The Scarlet Flask run by an all white coy wolf ramed Rose. Creeking floor bords give of a vibe that this is an old establishment. Rain paters on the windows, and the main flore is lit exclusively by a candles on the 5 tables placed arond the room. Stairs go up the left wall to the sleeping...
  7. Rose McCoy

    My furry experience

    I have been openly furry for about 5 years now. However I know only 2 other furries, and we aren't verry close. However, my best friend, who shale remain nameles, is not a furry, but loves the porn. Ifind that shit fucking hilarious. every furry on the internet that I have sean is all like "The...
  8. Rose McCoy

    whats your class?

    I love playing as a bard, mostly because in my d&d games a bard is required to actually sing to the players. It can make a fue realy funny moments, like when my frend whas trying to charm a bartender and I started singing "lets get it on" in the background to give him a charisma boost. What do...
  9. Rose McCoy

    why sexuality?

    This rant contai s some harsh language. If you are easily offended then please fuck off. Thank you. So I was reading a poast, and somone said "I hope your happy with your sexuality, enyone is normal compared to me." It got me confused. What the fuck is so abnormal about your sexuality? Whay is...
  10. Rose McCoy

    How do RP?

    So this is something ive never actually done. I play lots of table top RPGs, but I never got how encounters would play out without a DM or the all powerful dice. Sory in advance if this thred is in the wrong place by the way.
  11. Rose McCoy

    Hi im looking to get to know some furries.

    Hello, my name is rose. I have been openly furry for about 5 years now. However in the city I live in, I seem to be the only one. I am currently looking to meet some new people, and actually engage with the furry community for once.