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  1. theoriginalvpn

    The Planet Nakti project is looking for artists and writers!

    This is a continuation of this thread: https://forums.furaffinity.net/threads/1365668-Anybody-up-for-a-quot-global-quot-community-project-(A-long-time-dream-of-mine-) Hi furries! I'm a member of a community project called Planet Nakti. We are a large team working on a community-driven furry...
  2. theoriginalvpn

    Anybody up for a "global" community project? (A long-time dream of mine...)

    Planet Nakti - A Global Community Project - Read the first post if you want to join! Official Forum Thread of Planet Nakti, the first Global Furry/Anthro community project! Planet Nakti Wiki: http://nakti.wikia.com/wiki/The_Naktian_Wikia Official FA group of Planet Nakti...
  3. theoriginalvpn

    Tay'Rat everybody!

    Hello (or better to say "Tay'Rat" in Abunese language!) everyone! People call me "VPN". I'm a long-time anthro artist and writer. I'm on FA since many years, but I never been actively in the forums before. Used to have an account here but I wanted to do a fresh start. I hope to find new...