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  1. Bedlams

    Flat Price Writing! $35

    Hello! I'm still trying to get commissioned, and I thought "What if I did flat price instead of people having to read through that entire price guide?" So here we are now! For will/won't do, basically nothing anal at all, only oral vore, no scat or watersports and no tentacles Basically, for...
  2. Bedlams

    Can We Sell Writing in This Forum Since People in the Art Sales Forum Only Want Art?

    Exactly what the title says. It seems much more difficult to sell writing than art in the art sales and auctions forum. If we cannot do that, anyone know a furry written arts forum where you can?
  3. Bedlams

    Kink Inc Needs Volunteers! [CLOSED FOR NOW]

    Hello! I just need some volunteers for a new "company", Kink Inc. so they can have some creditability. Things they do include (but are not limited to transformation (using a variety of products), gender TF, and inflation You'd just be used as test subjects (but your characters don't have to know...
  4. Bedlams


    Hello! I am offering writing commissions for the first time! My prices and other info can be found here. PM me for more information!
  5. Bedlams

    Is My Pricing too Harsh?

    Hello! I just want to know if this pricing for writing would be too much Base Price: $5 (includes first page, two non-copyrighted characters, and two kinks (I count sex as a kink for this)) If Commissioning Under 10 Pages: $4 Per Page If Commissioning 10-25 Pages: $3.50 Per Page If...
  6. Bedlams

    Need a Female Char for a Voodoo-Oriented Erotica

    Hello! I am writing a voodoo themed erotica book/novella (depends how much I write) that I need a female character to be the victim for. Things that would be required are a slightly chubby to beach body type, and not being a cow. Kinks that would be involved are as follows: Having sex by remote...
  7. Bedlams

    Need a Pic of this girl by Christmas

    Hello! I just have a friend that I want to get a Christmas gift for her. It would be her character walking down the famous twisty hill from nightmare before Christmas (see the following image for the specific moment). I just need it by Christmas, but I'd like it as soon as possible, just to...
  8. Bedlams

    Anyone want to draw an overly fetish cow-taur character?

    Hello! I recently made a cow-taur character, and I'd like to have something visual of her for the people who don't go off written refs. Her ref is here. Please comment even if uninterested. Thanks!
  9. Bedlams

    Anyone Willing to Draw My MewTwo OC?

    Hello! I recently made a MewTwo OC, but only have a written description of her. The description is here. I'm not looking for an entire reference sheet to be made, just a single art piece. Please disregard her powers as I would like to get a simple piece. I'm alright with any amount of shading...
  10. Bedlams

    Open for Art Trades!

    Hello! I'm open for art trades! My examples can be found here, and my reference can be found here! For now, I'm going to do three slots, but I'll probably open more later! Thanks! SLOTS: 1. 2. 3.
  11. Bedlams

    Things with good anthro TFs?

    Just what the title says. What movies/shows have good anthro or just feral TFs? List of ones I already know: American Werewolf in London Wallace and Gromit: Were Rabbit
  12. Bedlams

    I'll do Writing for Art!

    Hello! I'd like to do some trades where I write a scene for your 'sona (must be sfw) and you draw a pic of mine (can be nsfw)! I'll do a maximum of three. 1. 2. 3. Thanks!