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  1. estiniens

    Free Icons for Newbies!

    CLOSED FOR NOW Hi there! So I've noticed lots of newbies here on FA without any kind of icon! And that just makes me sad. So here's what I want to do, seeing as I need more icon examples and more practice. Under the requirements you show me your FA, preferably you've joined within the last 2...
  2. estiniens

    Estiniens' Commissions - OPEN

    Before you commission me, please take a look at my Terms of Service! Hello and thank you for taking a look at this journal! I'm Brent, and I'm a freelance artist who has recently made some drastic changes with my galleries and market, and I'm attempting to make a brand new start for myself! As...
  3. estiniens

    Flawed Self-Advertisement (AKA, You're Just Begging)

    I might not be the greatest example of a person who advertises themselves. Or really of even an artist in general. And especially of someone in the furry community - I've been on this forum for, what, a week? Less? Yet, I've still noticed an odd trend in the art channel, in terms of people...
  4. estiniens

    Seeking Art of Fursona! (ART TRADES)

    Do you like to draw furries? Do you want to get art of YOUR furry? Cool same. Check it out son, it's my boy, my cat, my bona-fide piece of garbage, Ren. (and if cats aren't your thing, there's always mister Tyrant ) I'm looking for YOUR art in return for MY art (as seen above)! I'll be...
  5. estiniens

    It's My Trash Cat

    So I heard we were sharing fursonas... Here's the most recent revamp of my 'sona, Ren! What about y'all? I'd love to see some more fursonas!
  6. estiniens

    $10-15 Sketch Busts

    Hello! I'm opening up some sketch commissions because I could use a little bit of cash and I like to get some creative inspiration. I'm currently opening FIVE SLOTS and once these are filled I won't be taking any more, sorry!! EXAMPLES; Each sketch will be done in the style shown below...
  7. estiniens

    Anthro Hyena Adoptable - 15 USD PAYPAL ONLY

    hello folks!! i'm selling off an anthro hyena design that i didn't fall in love with too much on FA! his base price is 15 USD, but if you offer 25+ i'll throw in a free headshot of him! you can comment to adopt here
  8. estiniens

    Howdy Doodly Neighborino

    Hiya! I guess I primarily go by estinien/estiniens now [kudos if you get the reference] and I'm new to both FA and FAF as a whole, but I've been doing the animal thing for a while now. I've got the same username on the main site as here, so if you feel like makin' friends I'm down for it. Hope...
  9. estiniens

    Seeking Critique on First Anthro Piece

    Hello there! I've been drawing animals since as long as I could remember, and my fursonas have always been feral. I wanted to delve, however, into the world of anthros and expand upon them, as I've drawn humans as well and I figured, 'hell, it should basically be smashing the two together.' It...