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  1. N30Nphoenix

    Hi everyone

    Hello, welcome to FAF! make sure to have fun
  2. N30Nphoenix

    Horrific fursuits (read OP)

    This thread has given me nightmares, but sleep is for the weak anyways
  3. N30Nphoenix

    Confessions thread

    Sometimes when I'm playing a video game and not on live chat with my friends I pretend I'm a famous youtuber and narrate gameplay, make jokes, and be entertain my "audience". forever alone
  4. N30Nphoenix

    The Sexuality Poll Megathread

    I sexually identify as a potato :>
  5. N30Nphoenix

    Winter Storm Juno Snowpocalypse!!!

    You guys who got snow are really lucky, the closest it's been to snow here is frost on the grass :(
  6. N30Nphoenix

    Really need help.

    A good place to start practicing is to set up some objects (plants, dishes, fruits and such) and do some intuitive gesture, and this will give you a good feel for drawing forms.
  7. N30Nphoenix

    Telephone Alarm Clock

    Had headphones in and they were turnt up loud, when will I be able to hear again?
  8. N30Nphoenix

    Rebuilding a name for ourselves

    I'm not talking about anything like that where your bringing your job into other parts of your life, what I'm saying is your job and being a furry has nothing in common, as long as you don't bring furry matters or drama into the job and likewise job stuffs into your furry interest then no one...
  9. N30Nphoenix

    Your dream residence

    A nice house up on a mountain with little to no people around to bother me and some fast internetz.
  10. N30Nphoenix

    Rebuilding a name for ourselves

    Yes, there are the certain people who you would want think to think better of you, and so you should try to show your nice shiny side, but still if someone's going judge you on something like your free-time interest, then why work for them? Jobs should really be based on your work ethic and how...
  11. N30Nphoenix

    Rebuilding a name for ourselves

    I tend to just not give a fuck of what other people think of me, if they want to be ignorant let them, it's there loss. also why change who you are and what you do just so some people you don't even know will think of you differently. my friends aren't furry yet they are okay with it and are...
  12. N30Nphoenix

    A Master, I guess

    Hey op bby, I charge 30$ an hr would that work? :V seriously though, start up an actual intro thread
  13. N30Nphoenix

    Do you only have furry friends?

    I have lots of friends irl but I don't know if any of them are furrys, but some are bronys though.
  14. N30Nphoenix

    Confessions thread

    ikr i I go to school and everyone's bragging about sex they had and I'm just here like, yeah cool story bro but I went to toys-r-us and gamestop yesterday.
  15. N30Nphoenix


    *staring intensifies*....aaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddddddddd cupcakes
  16. N30Nphoenix

    Jump in the forum, rock your body in time!

    Here's a muffin *hands muffin* have fun here at FAF
  17. N30Nphoenix

    Well hello there!

    *reading intensifies anyways welcome to FAF, haves yourself some fun
  18. N30Nphoenix

    What is your style?

    For art class and real-world portraits I use a really realistic style, but anything else ranges from anime to cartoon, to Chibi.
  19. N30Nphoenix

    Ever Have Random Violent Thoughts?

    Different ways to trap and lncinerate people with fire.
  20. N30Nphoenix

    Helou :3

    Welcome then to FAF!, and don't worry most of us don't eat other peoples...most of us :3