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  1. sidewalksurfboard

    Going to Weasyl

    I'm gonna move to the Weasyl forums until this shit stops. It's stressing me out.
  2. sidewalksurfboard

    What value is there to shitposting?

    I will never understand people who shitpost. What is so funny about being an obnoxious little prick? Same goes for spamming. All I can imagine when I see people spam is an immature brat who decided to be annoying because he didn't get his way.
  3. sidewalksurfboard

    Worried about ridicule

    Alright, so, like I said in my intro, I've only really accepted that I'm a furry for like 2 days now. However, I realized that this might prove a problem soon. So, in school, I have this "friend" who would often take the anthro art I was drawing (if I was drawing any), show everyone it, and then...
  4. sidewalksurfboard

    Tribble (My first and probably only Fursona)

    So, I made my first fursona, Tribble the rat. This is what I've got of him so far: "Tribble is a 23 year old Russian Blue Rat, with light pink skin which sports darker pink spots on certain parts of his body (such as his tail), and yellow eyes. Tribble has a generally cynical personality. He...
  5. sidewalksurfboard


    I'm pretty much new to this all. I've only just come to terms with the fact that I'm a furry, and I'm kinda embarrassed about it. Nevertheless, hello.