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  1. scorcher836

    5/17 Site Attack

    well in the mean time if anyone wants to chat, both my steam and skype are scorcher836. go ahead and add me if you'd like. i dont mind meeting new furs. :P
  2. scorcher836

    5/17 Site Attack

    lolz! made my day! :D
  3. scorcher836

    5/17 Site Attack

    i'm just waiting here like a patient roo reading everyones comments. why? idk i'm kinda bored lol
  4. scorcher836

    5/17 Site Attack

    Well this sucks. hope furaffinity is back up soonish. good luck everyone.
  5. scorcher836

    Age Thread 2012

    i'm up there a bit. i see there are a lot around the age of 18. i myself will be 23.
  6. scorcher836

    Ryusuta's Request Thread - Free art (Please read entire OP before requesting!)

    can you do one of mine holding a.. well epic looking sword, i'll leave that to you, ready on the attack? if you need more info you have my steam. ^^