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  1. Christine Vulpes

    Helluva Boss | Hazbin Hotel Discussion Thread

    He is one of the most developed on the show, with a family, confliction, adoration, love, lust, sorrow. My personal favorite.
  2. Christine Vulpes

    Helluva Boss | Hazbin Hotel Discussion Thread

    this is true, but also not entirely the whole story. Initially there were rumours shared that it got picked up by Netflix full time started on one of the podcasts for the show. Netflix never actually did as far as I could tell and it was a publicity stunt. Then you had fan outrage ( I really...
  3. Christine Vulpes

    Helluva Boss | Hazbin Hotel Discussion Thread

    He feels like a really cheap interest point just to add a minor foil for luna. My main gripe with this show is they are almost all recycled minor characters or spinoff non cannon tales from zoophobia (literally the entire cast of hazbin hotel as well...some with no changes like vaggie or angel...
  4. Christine Vulpes

    your latest purchase ! :3

    Last order of stuff was cheritable gifting. A safe modern space heater that will auto cut off if tipped, sets to keep temperatures, etc. An air cleaner with uv lamp for another person. A furnace flue seal ( that I need to install but has not yet arrived) for a third. Tis the season paying it...
  5. Christine Vulpes

    If you could, what advice would you give to your past self?

    "you hate office work, you spent years giving your life to a company that does not care about you. Don't waste the best years of your life sitting in a windowless building, staring into a glowing rectangle, in a cube farm." "Don't go to university, twice. Go to vocational college instead, get...
  6. Christine Vulpes

    Quiet... too quiet...

    Forums in general seem to be dying in favor of more social outlets like reddit, Facebook, twitter, etc and the resurgent of group chats (telegram, discord) Honestly this forum moves pretty good compared to niche electronics or automotive forums that may get a new topic once every 3 months and...
  7. Christine Vulpes

    Growing up, trading out the s-segment for an estate soon.

    Growing up, trading out the s-segment for an estate soon.
  8. Christine Vulpes

    Headphone users, which do you prefer? Wireless or Wired Headphones?

    Wired all the way. They are cheaper, at least in the average consumer ranges. No fussing with charging or battery life. No fussing with which devices and which headsets support what codec sample rate bit rate etc. You can get decent 5 driver iems for 60 bucks with a wire, or 450 wireless. You...
  9. Christine Vulpes

    Have you ever had a person who accidentally created a fursona that looks identical/exactly like yours

    Sure. I am a snow fox and have been about 10 years now using natural colors and patterns. It's not really a big deal to me, and it means I can just grab any old image to use as a result : basically any image as a ref so long as I like the style and don't try to pass it off as my art. Why...
  10. Christine Vulpes

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    But they are, this is the problem. People all want to make a buck quick. Dumping 12k in electricity to earn 40k is right now a great investment option if that's all you are concerned about. People with the ability are doing that route. This electricity is not ethereal and comes from somewhere...
  11. Christine Vulpes

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    You are analyzing it as a 2d problem when its much more complex. this is a trap people fall into because they look at the 1 coin every ~10 and think its a linear progression. BUT your input power of compute ( worker units) is growing and growing, and each one is earning smaller and smaller...
  12. Christine Vulpes

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    1. That is exactly how bitcoin works, its proof of work (Compute-Units) not Proof of stake (are you mining and for how long). As a finite resource, the last mined items are taking more and more computational power. Its just the nature of the game. 8 years ago you could mine on a laptop using CPU...
  13. Christine Vulpes

    Hey! I'm new here, I want to make friends :3

    I love how nearly everyone that prefaces their about me as "English is not my native language" All type and speak better than I do, as someone that can only speak English ( and even then its debatable) Welcome.
  14. Christine Vulpes

    Hello all!

    its a massive time sink! Welcome o/
  15. Christine Vulpes

    Tell me about something good that happened today!

    sold more stuff on ebay cleaned up the house Actually got a call back about a job interview ( I have been trying to get a new job for 8 months)
  16. Christine Vulpes

    Come back home

    I I still cannot figure out if its a person, or a person guided bot honestly. I just think its fun these always devolve into preaching, but what they preach is not even supported by their own texts a majority of the time.
  17. Christine Vulpes

    Come back home

    That's also not correct. The sin was disobedience. They were told explicitly to not do only one thing...to not eat from "the tree of knowledge of good and evil" And then they did it. The sin was not of learning, or gaining intelligence, or or even eating the fruit to begin with. It was...
  18. Christine Vulpes

    Come back home

    Well there it is, something that's not even supported by the texts. I knew if this went on long enough we would get here. the bible itself makes reference to there being only one death, and judgment is immediately following it. No second chances, no choices to make after death. Once you die its...
  19. Christine Vulpes

    Come back home

    I mean this IS Baal in that universes cannon. God of thunder. A superior being that ruled over the people of the lands of Ur and Canaan. All of the high level goa'ulds are or were deities to the ancient earth peoples!
  20. Christine Vulpes

    Come back home

    It makes sense if you look at it through a proper lens. Don't think modern Christianity or Bible. Think more romantic Hellenism. The bible is written as though the god contained therein is the one top being. If you actually dig deeper though he was a relatively minor god of the Canaanites who...