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  1. Drake Ukkonen

    Drake's Yarn Tails Grand Re-Opening

    After a year hiatus, my shop is open! This time around, I'll be using a slot based system, as my old system became a bit too overwhelming for us. My Etsy Shop is linked in my signature, and most of my examples are on my FA page, but here are some of my most recent works: My prices...
  2. Drake Ukkonen

    What's for dinner?

    I'm making an organic chicken pot pie from Earth Fare. I'm really excited x3 What's everyone else making for dinner?
  3. Drake Ukkonen

    I can't decide!

    I'd like to commission a toony digitigrade fullsuit for my Striped Hyena character Axis: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10669642/ within the next couple of years, but I can't decide who I want to make him. My budget is about $1500. I want to be able to wear him in public without scaring...
  4. Drake Ukkonen

    Trading yarn tail for a drawing of my character

    I have a yarn tail here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10644129/ That I want to trade for a ref sheet drawing (feral and anthro) of my character, Axis. I currently only have a Second Life reference...
  5. Drake Ukkonen

    Feeling bleh..

    It's been about three years since I had a really great friend who I talked to all the time (other than my husband) who I have things in common with, and who isn't trying to get in my pants. LOL But lately it's been wearing on me. I have no friends on steam, FA, barely any on Facebook, and I've...