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  1. Wolfytheawesome

    Commission's Open~

    Hello everybody! Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate it. :) I recently opened commissions which you can find out more about here: Don't forget that all commissions will be done through PayPal invoices. Looking forward to working with you or even just answering a few questions...
  2. Wolfytheawesome

    Fitting on Canvas

    It may seem pretty straight forward for most when drawing, that one should aim to fit on the canvas as best as they can manage. Lately I have been having trouble with such, maybe it is because of the digital medium or perhaps that I am a bit out of practice. I usually tend to do regular...
  3. Wolfytheawesome


    A standard hello of sorts. I like to draw, read, play games and so on . Not sure what else to mention or elaborate on. I am here to chat a little and that's about it.