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  1. InvertSilhouette

    Hiring: ($25+) Looking to buy a furry tote bag

    I have some designs up on totes here that *might* fit your modern / futuristic themes, but if not, I’m definitely open to making a custom design instead! Feel free to DM me here, or email me at invertsilhouette at gmail.com if you’re interested...
  2. InvertSilhouette

    Hiring: ($150+) (Closed) Need to finish a dragon that’s been abandoned for a year. SFW/NSFW Refs

    I’m always up for drawing dragons and helping design characters! For ref sheets, I recommend flat color, and the price varies by the number of images on the sheet(s). Base $20 - All refscome with a color palette, name, notes, etc +$60 per Full body image +$35 per Close up / Accessory Sounds...
  3. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    Still working on the horsemen series, but in the meantime, have some things from last year. XD These last two can also be found on my Redbubble shop :D https://www.redbubble.com/people/InvertSilhouett/shop?asc=u
  4. InvertSilhouette

    Hiring: ($75+) Front and Back Dakimakura Artwork Commission! [Closed!]

    I’d be happy to draw a Daki cover for you! I have experience with drawing for print / merch and am generally familiar with the Protogen species (though I haven’t had the chance to draw one myself yet). For your $100 budget, I’d be able to do a front and back full body in the following flat...
  5. InvertSilhouette

    Artists with Etsy or Redbubble stores!

    I have a Redbubble shop! My main theme is mythological creatures, but there’s a few other things too if you’re interested. https://www.redbubble.com/people/InvertSilhouett/shop?asc=u
  6. InvertSilhouette

    Hiring: Partial skin tight(zentai) Fursuit $950

    You might want to look here for that: forums.furaffinity.net: Furry Trading Post It’s the fur suit specific section. c:
  7. InvertSilhouette

    Hiring: Looking for full body art of my dragon OC! ($40-60ish??)

    I’d be happy to help if you like my style! I have experience working from descriptions and definitely need to draw more dragons, haha. Feel free to PM me here if you’re interested! Since you mentioned soft, I could do something sketchy-soft like this for $45 Fullbody: Or my more usual...
  8. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    Thank you! I’m hoping to get back to work on them now that I’m over a nasty cold, so keep an eye out. :D
  9. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    In case anyone was wondering what I made those snowflakes for. :D An Ice Prince piece for the lovely DamienTheSergal over on Twitter.
  10. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance to do some proper holiday art, so have some snowflakes in the meantime. ❄️ cx
  11. InvertSilhouette

    Hiring: Hiring artists over several weeks! Budget: $100 to $150

    I'd be happy to help you with either ref sheets or illustrations! My preference would be towards Marley or Spark, as I have more experience with owls and fur, but I'm not opposed to drawing any of your listed characters. For the uniques, I'd be happy to do any, though I particularly like drawing...
  12. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    In case anyone’s wondering what I do between bigger work, I do Tokotas ARPG stuff.
  13. InvertSilhouette

    Hiring: frontal view bust nsfw (5-100usd) CLOSED

    I'd love to draw a horse bust for you if you're still looking! If you're interested, feel free to contact me here, via email at invertsilhouette [at] gmail.com, or on Discord - InvertSilhouette#1965 I have most experience with drawing feral type horses, but I can definitely do anthro as well. A...
  14. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    4 Horsemen update: ‪I really love drawing these fiery shapes. Also, here you can see the kinds of weird random colors I use when sketching for composition. XD‬
  15. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    Thank you! I think cute is definitely one of my strengths, haha.
  16. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    And while I work, let’s start with some older stuff (about 2+ years ago for these) and move towards where we are now.
  17. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    And finally, the last of the traditional pre-sketches: Conquest! This one I’m a little hesitant on the pose, so I may make some changes as I work on these. (I’m hoping to get all of the horses done up as merch designs before Black Friday sales start. ;) )
  18. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    Thanks! I’ve also got some entirely different stuff like below, because “variety is the spice of life” and I can never settle on doing one kind of thing. XD
  19. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    I may upload some previous work later, but let’s start off with my current project - a 4 horsemen themed carousel horse set. Warning for mild gore / skeletons And still working on #4, will update with that soon!