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  1. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: ($50+) 2 character commission (human and feral sfw)

    Hello! I am looking for an artist to depict two characters of mine. One is an eastern dragon and the other one is human. They have a platonic type relationship. I’m thinking bust up or waist up. I’ve attached a photo that sorta resembles idea of what I’m looking for in terms of posing. looking...
  2. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: ($35+) Need dragon chibis

    Hello! I am looking for a couple of chibis for some dragon characters of mine. I would say my cap is 40 each. Just need two of them, and they are feral dragons. please post examples and I will pay via PayPal. thank you!
  3. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: Need ref sheet - $60

    Hello! So I have a ref sheet of this girl already but I’m looking to get her made into a plush. I need a ref sheet that’s more cutesy and would translate better into a plush. Basically something more chibified. current ref www.furaffinity.net: Nadira Reference 2019 by Haskiens by...
  4. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: Looking for feral peryton design $15-60

    Hello! Currently looking for an artist to design a peryton design. I'm looking for flat colors only, can be a sketch or a lineart. I would also prefer if you can turn this around within a month. That's about it! Please post any examples you may have. I prefer replies vs PMs. Payment via...
  5. Rdphoenix

    Free Art: Open requests! (close)

    I have this girl if you're interested. Thanks for your time! ★ Nadira on Toyhouse
  6. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: Looking for feral dragon artist

    @NekoYoukaii would the flat body be $50? if so, how much additional would the cell shading be? Thank you!
  7. Rdphoenix

    Hiring: Looking for feral dragon artist

    Hello! I'm looking for an artist to draw a feral dragon of mine. I can provide the ref on request. Basically just looking for chibis, sketches, headshots, smaller comms right now that don't involve a lot of shading or finish. My budget is currently $50 via Paypal. Thank you!
  8. Rdphoenix

    LF artist for alien character

    Hello! I am currently looking for an artist who is comfortable with drawing an alien character. Something more along the lines of Mass Effect. I'm mainly looking for flat colored works/pixels/anything that would fall into my budget. The character is already designed. Please post relevant...
  9. Rdphoenix

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

    Thank you! I will definitely keep you ind mind! I'll likely make a decision this coming Tuesday ^^
  10. Rdphoenix

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

    I will definitely keep you in mind! Sorry for the late response. I'll likely pick someone this coming Tuesday
  11. Rdphoenix

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

  12. Rdphoenix

    Feral/Anthro Headshots, Full!

    I have this guy: Lyric on Toyhouse - with an arrogant expression or this gal - playful/tilting her head maybe? (second link for face markings)
  13. Rdphoenix

    Free Headshots - 3 Slots [ > CLOSED < ]

    I'll drop this guy in for a chance: Lyric on Toyhouse Thank you!!
  14. Rdphoenix

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

    Oh hey I've worked with you before. The two dragon ref sheets. You were pleasant to work with. I'll send you an email during my lunch break. :)
  15. Rdphoenix

    Artists for ferals(5/28)

    I'm recycling this thread - you can reapply for this even if you responded to the initial thread at the end of April. I have a couple of characters that are part of a closed species. They can go through seasonal color shifts which is really nifty. Problem is I'm not an artist and need help with...
  16. Rdphoenix

    Free OC art

    Got this fella: Caspian on Toyhouse Or her: Kacela on Toyhouse Thanks for the chance!
  17. Rdphoenix

    Cute Furry and Humanoid Art! (£5 - £8) £6 YCH!

    Hi there! I'd love to commission a full body, flat color of this fella here Caspian on Toyhouse if you're willing :)
  18. Rdphoenix

    Looking for artist to draw a few characters

    bumping. looking for someone to draw Raquiel especially