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  1. Aloe-ki


  2. Aloe-ki

    Would you date an android?

    Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. Clear.
  3. Aloe-ki

    what furry things do you have?

    A tail, a foam base for a head, a pair of footpaws, a spiked collar with a jingly thing, a mini fursona tail keychain, art, some ears floating around in a drawer, and some fur I'm gonna use later. I also have little animal figures and statues, and a lot of stuffed animals, but I don't...
  4. Aloe-ki

    Anthros you like VS Animals you like

    I like most animal animals, which pretty much just means non-insects. X3 I like them feral or anthro, though I mostly only like aquatic animals as ferals. ^^; I like anthro and feral personalities as well, though anthro a bit more because it's more expressive in ways I understand.
  5. Aloe-ki

    >post anything you're thinking right now ITT

    I hate this so much. If I don't do this I'll get a B. But it's so nice and warm here, and the fleece is a nice contrast to the fan~ I could so easily curl up and fall asleep, just like I have for the last three nights in a row...
  6. Aloe-ki

    You're welcome ^w^

    You're welcome ^w^
  7. Aloe-ki

    Feral Freebies

    www.furaffinity.net: Jaeden by Susurrant_Surprise This guy okay? ^w^ He's a dik-dik. Maybe on his knees looking at something? Maybe looking at a lizard XD
  8. Aloe-ki


  9. Aloe-ki

    Drifting on slowly thawing progress...

    Drifting on slowly thawing progress...
  10. Aloe-ki

    Your fursona?

    Name: Loro Gender, Sex: Female Species: Dogwolf (mentality hybrid with nonspecific canine body) Age: 16/17 Physical Description: 5'1". Brown-furred medium canine with g-shep inspired ears, a kinda short snout, and four legs. Her tail is poofy and bushy, and a little short. She has a maroon...
  11. Aloe-ki

    Whats your Job Title/what do you do?

    I don't have a paying job yet, but you can call me The Enforcer. :p
  12. Aloe-ki

    At a Standstill, Need Your Input

    Done editing after posting too early. >w>
  13. Aloe-ki

    You're welcome! ^w^

    You're welcome! ^w^
  14. Aloe-ki

    Cool! :D

    Cool! :D
  15. Aloe-ki

    You're welcome, and thanks! ^w^ I don't have a very interesting origin story, unfortunately. X3...

    You're welcome, and thanks! ^w^ I don't have a very interesting origin story, unfortunately. X3 I like the word aloe on its own, but I had come up with a fake culture concept (just thoughts of language though) where -ki would be a common suffix to some names. But I don't think I'm using it...
  16. Aloe-ki

    I like your username ^w^

    I like your username ^w^
  17. Aloe-ki

    Ideas for a Fursona

    @Samandriel Morningstar Okay ^w^
  18. Aloe-ki

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    Social failure on a first try.
  19. Aloe-ki

    Trying my best...

    Trying my best...
  20. Aloe-ki

    Ideas for a Fursona

    I'm sorry? I'm a little confused...