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  1. -Praydeth-

    Help me cheer up a friend.

    One of my good friend's depression has kicked back in & has lost confidence of her art being any good. I'm hoping I could cheer her up by getting some support from a few of you guys because I miss the happiness & passion she had a few weeks ago that made me hopeful. Anyways I have been thinking...
  2. -Praydeth-

    Why most does ____ misconception exist? (Ask a non fur questions).

    We all know there are misconceptions about the fandom but sometimes you guys think it's entirely the media's fault, a single csi episode or a part of the community you practically have to be in the community or hate furries with a passion. So ask away Some questions i will only privately...
  3. -Praydeth-

    How long do reply restrictions restrictions last for most?

    I have had reply restrictions for nearly 12 hours now , THIS IS INSANE! I expected to be pretty bad but i did not expect them to be this bad. While i certainly agree i needed reply restrictions put on me i didn't expect them to last 12 dam hours. Also this happens to people who don't deservere...
  4. -Praydeth-

    A "non-fur" *for now at least* Introduction

    I don't know why, but?..... A LOT of friends i make happen to be "Furries". Whether if it's they came to me, or i came to them in hopes of making a friend. I find that a few of so many irl friends and a Freighter full of friends online are furries. (for irl may be just because there are a...