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$10 and up

  1. taak-os

    (Commission) Selling: (CLOSED, ALL SLOTS CURRENTLY FULL) Taak-os's Commission Thread (Sketch & Flat Color 50% Off, Shaded 25% Off) ($10-$45)

    Digital Commissions are currently CLOSED, sorry! All slots full. WILL DRAW: -Feral/anthropomorphic animals -Full-body or bust shot character pictures -SIMPLE scenes -Blood -Non-sexual ("Barbie doll") nudity (for anthros) WILL NOT DRAW: -Humans -Mechs -Gore (including pastel gore. This means no...
  2. dweeblet

    (Commission) Selling: SFW Commissions Open! $10+ Feral & Anthro

    Hello strangers! I've got some commissions open at the minute to build my savings over this summer. My prices are in USD. Sketch: Chibi: $10 Bust: $15 Fullbody: $20 Sketches are monochrome by default, +50% of the base price for rough colors. Flat Colors: Chibi: $15 Bust: $25 Fullbody: $30...
  3. TheRabbitFollower


    Are my usual commissions too expensive? Still want some sick art from yours truly? First off, I'm flattered, but second, allow me to give you an exclusive offer! I've decided to start doing creative freedom commissions in-between my normal queue. This means you give me a character and a minimum...
  4. halhusky

    chibi ych (starting at $10 usd, OPEN)

    hello! my name is hal and i recently made a chibi ych with unlimited slots! the character in the image is a clean sketch and the finished product will be lined, colored, and (possibly) shaded. if you are interested, please contact me through fa. the ych is being held there, which you can get...
  5. Niku chan ~

    Comissions are open!

    Finally I'm on vacation and can take on some more comishes, I'll take 10 slots at the time (this means when one slot gets finished I'll take another one!) I can do both Furry and human, or any other humanoid species. Female or male, it really doesn't matter nwn Ferals are also OK for most...