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  1. Regrese

    (Commission) Selling: Commission Opened: Ranging from 10$ to 300$

    My Commisions are open, and i'm looking to fill the three slots that are available! Here are the Rule. Prices are dependent on the complexity of the project, and will be limited to the category you selected. So if you choose Shaded, and your commission is very complex, it will not go above a...
  2. Yosya

    (Commission) Selling: Sketches for 10$!!!

    Hey!!! I want to take some slots on sketch heads for 10$ - 20$ Examples (10$): - www.furaffinity.net: Despises you by Yosya - www.furaffinity.net: Don't tell my mom about it.... by Yosya - www.furaffinity.net: Guys, I`m cry by Yosya Examples (20$): - www.furaffinity.net: Sweet cow by Yosya -...
  3. Gallows

    Sale £10 for b&w or colored traditional drawings!

    For a traditional drawing of your furry with your requested traits and looks you can can have it now for only 10£ (furry colored/white background) If you want the copy of the original drawing (A4 paper) with additional shipping fee (£4) you can have it in your hands as well. Fast - will take...
  4. Iden

    [3D] commissions 10$+

    Hello! I would really like to take some 3D commisions right now. You can see an example here: ◇WARNING◇ very NSFW www.furaffinity.net: [3D] dick commission with turntable by Idenih There's also a possibility to view it from any angle, turn around and even view in VR here: ◇WARNING◇ very NSFW...
  5. Kenadragon

    $10 spots in a Group Pic SFW

    www.furaffinity.net: YCH "Arboreal" by Drekena -$10 per spot -First come first serve -Open until spots are all taken or after 2 weeks -Payment required before I begin -See submission for more info! ***Comment on submission to claim*** Previous work examples:
  6. Snipernoah11

    Looking for 10$ commissions with color and vore

    Yea the title says it all...Just looking for vore artist that can do 10$ colored Commissions .....Other than DatBlangry cause I got alot from her
  7. Furrel

    Badges 10-15$

    Looking to try to get some commissions in for badges because I really enjoy making them. Here are my examples. Interested? See below images. ^These are 10$ and shipping is included.^ ^These are 15$ cause they take some time to do. Shipping included^ If you are interested in purchasing...