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18 and older

  1. F

    Looking for a RP Partner

    Hello I am a relatively new furry, I am interested doing some role play and for some guidance too. I am a bi 18+ male who is interested girls, but I can grooves with some dudes. Possibly NSFW
  2. Rarecrazy

    Lookin for an 1 on 1 RPr... and a friend

    Hey so, I'm gonna make it short and sweet. I'm not looking for love, just looking for a friend... So here's a bit about me: I'm a male, growing graphic designer/artist in college I'm over 18 so I am looking for people who are 18 or above (preferably a dude, but I don't deny bra's), I do...
  3. HellsBaby99

    Let's Get Friendly 18+

    This post isn't NSFW I just would prefer to make new friends around my age within the fandom. Hii I'm Connie but you can call me Panda if you like. I'm 23 and just recently getting more interested in the fandom and I live in Georgia, USA and would like to make some new friends and stuff. I'm...