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  1. RoseyTheCuteDragon

    Looking for someone to play as my sona's les mate

    So I'm looking for someone to rp with only as my sona's lesbian mate. I designed her for aesthetic mostly but now that I've made her into a real character I genuinely want someone to rp as her. If you're interested here's a few conditions 18+ only, I'm 19 irl. Semi Lit rp, detail, no one word...
  2. Bjorn Potato

    RP anyone?

    My pure goal irl and url is to entertain people on the servers that I go on. I want someone url to help me destress, someone that can talk and can listen, at the same time. I do not care about your gender or your age, but I prefer females and over the age of 18, because stuff might become NSFW...
  3. Kredanica

    NSFW commissions 50$! (5 slots) 18+

    NSFW commions are open! 5 slots are available! Humans, furries, ferals, anthros, are ok. Offer for just one character. sent me a note or a email kredanica@gmail.com samples NSFW here www.furaffinity.net: OMG Josie has a cock?! (topless) by kredanica www.furaffinity.net: OMG Josie has a cock...
  4. Agatha-Hart

    Favorite Kinks? Pt. 1

    I'm working on some sketches to put on my Patreon, so I made a poll there and I was surprised by some of the results! I thought since I would like to post more to my FA account, I would ask here too! Part 2 coming soon!
  5. IvoryNaga

    REAF 2017- Rochester Erotic Arts Festival (Meet-up)

    Hey all, I'm just looking for a show of paws to see if anyone would be interested in a Meet-up at the Rochester Erotic Arts Festival in Rochester, New York. This event will be held on April 21-22, in 2017. The event also is also for mature audience only, (18+) as it involves BDSM, Kinky, and...
  6. T

    LF: Male Dom (NSFW)

    Looking for someone to engage in a private RP via Telegram preferably, but I'm open for other suggestions. Message me for details - only restraint is you must be over 18, be happy to play as a male, and Ben comfortable with BDSM subjects!