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  1. Liseran Thistle

    Welcome to Oakwell (1920s Discord Asylum roleplay-Interest Check)

    "Welcome to Oakwell" is a mystery, puzzle-solving roleplay that takes place in 1920s America at a prestigious mental Asylum in Blackwell, Louisiana. In "Welcome to Oakwell", players will be going against one in another in two teams, one on the side of the denizens of the small fishing community...
  2. Wulf Canavar

    [Children Of Polaris] Questions and Discussions

    Hiya! This is a companion thread to [Children Of Polaris]. This is the place to do all the chatting and discussions. Keeping the convo over here, rather than over there. Itll keep the story thread a lot cleaner and more straightforward. Love to hear your thoughts! -Wulf
  3. Wulf Canavar

    [Children Of Polaris] (closed RP)

    [Children Of Polaris] Chapter 1 Jagen The time: June 1925 The place: Fairbanks, Alaska The event: Commencement Jagen sat in the main hall of the University of Alaska, listening to President Bunnell drone on about how this was a new century! And the class of 1925 had this new chance to...
  4. Zenkiki

    Easy Times

    Gangs rule the cities. The year is 1924,bootlegging is a common practice and another shipment of the sweet wine and hard liquor comes in late a night while the speakeasy is partying down in the basement of the barber shop in the ghetto neighborhood in the outskirts of Chicago. The club beneath...