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  1. Lisyonok_Fox33

    Looking for a Room: MFF 2017

    Howdy y'all! I am looking for someone who will be willing to make me their roommate for MFF 2017. I'm going to be suiting so I'll be a Fursuiter if you or anyone else will be suiting as well. I'm responsible, clean, and respectful to everyone; you don't have to worry about me being rowdy or...
  2. SevenArms

    Sketches starting at $10. Full renders at $35

    ¤ Any gender welcome! ¤ Can be SFW or NSFW ¤ Can be original or fanbase characters (the character MUST be yours or with the permission of the owner) ¤ Any species welcome! (Wings, horns or tails, just 1 pair per character, reptilian skin will be simple texturize) ¤ Only Paypal for the moment...
  3. E

    Looking for possible roommates for FurReality in Cincinnati, OH

    Hello all. I don't post to the FA forums that often (or at all really) but I figured due to the high volume of people here I may as well give this a shot. My close friend shifterfur and I are currently seeking 2-3 people to room with us for FurReality. For those of you who aren't familiar with...
  4. DjembeTheApe

    Going to MFF for my first con...any advice?

    Hello All! So I'll be going to MFF this year, but I've never been to a single con. What are some do's and don'ts for a first time con goer? Is it better to go with someone you know or by yourself? And estimated cost? (I'm saving about a grand) I also still have to put together some sort of a...
  5. P

    Free YCH Tournament Being Held! (Mature)

    Heya (Again)! So, this time, I'll be brief with this. A fellow writer and ally of mine is working on a free YCH Tournament that still needs some slots filled. And with only 3 slots left, I'm helping him with trying to get those said slots filled. Things about the YCH that you need to know...
  6. A


  7. twistedGenisis

    Savannah Furmeet?

    Hey there guys, I'm really new to this community, but I do have a friend who's been here for a while... She and I have decided to try and host a Furmeet!! It would be in Savannah, Georgia on May 13th 2017 at Forsyth Park. This is a pre-ad because I want to see if anyone is interested. You...