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  1. Teal_Avokado

    INKTOBER commissions, 30$ per art!

    Hello there! I open the inktober commissions! You can see my ink works and the inktober’s arts from last year here –Artwork Gallery for Teal_Avokado -- Fur Affinity [dot] net For this year I combined two theme lists, official and personal. ❖ How it works – you can choose any day that you...
  2. Fellixxx777

    (Commission) Selling: COMMISSION SALE summer 2019 145usd

    Summer Discount - If you are interested you can send me a pm with commission info.
  3. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Calgary Stampede 2019 FOOD!

    My town's biggest event, the Calgary Stampede, is only a week and a half away! And along with the Rodeo events, Stockyard, rides, shopping, games and shows, food is a big draw, specifically all the new wacky food they come up with every year! Well, this year, they've got 70 new foods to...
  4. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Sketchbook: This Minty Dogs art in 2019!

    So far.. 38 Years www.furaffinity.net: 38 Years by Fuzzle Armin Birb www.furaffinity.net: Armin by Fuzzle Wind and the Sun on a Bun www.furaffinity.net: Wind and the Sun on a Bun by Fuzzle Fire in a Foals Eyes www.furaffinity.net: Fire in a Foals Eyes by Fuzzle How is it 2019 anyway...
  5. S

    Doggo unleashed (only in the feilds otherwise I could get hit by a car)

    Hey my names swagasuriusrex, I like long walks on the leash, chasing my tail and scooby snacks. New to the site just looking for some fellow doggys to get to know, maybe grab a quick kibble maybe a cheeky butt sniff or we could go mark our territory. Unpopular opinion but it’s 2019 lets end...
  6. G

    Looking for a Friend for Anthrocon 2019

    Hey guys im back and better than ever! My mom has confirmed our first trip to Antrocon this year! My partial is a wip so ill probably only go in my head, but i was wondering it anyone would like to share a room or something! Mostly looking for younger furs or females, that should be self...
  7. Rooooox

    Open Fun Commission Deal featuring your OCs with my Skunks

    Here's the journal explaining it With All of the Prices! Your OC SFW or NSFW with one of these two Starting at $15! Note me or comment if you're interested!
  8. Ravofox

    Give a new year's resolution to the user above

    Happy new year fluffbutts!!!:p It's 2019, or nearly so for some. So, it's time to stop being lazy, put down your pizza and go out there and achieve your new years resolutions!! However, for many of you laziness is all too tempting, so I've decided to make sure we ALL achieve something this year...
  9. N

    Fur con motor City 2019

    Anyone going? I'm looking into it. Wanna also see if any furry friends in michigan. Also is fur con in motor City a good convention? None of the darker side of furry? 'ahem' *cough* (porn and sex stuff). Asking since I don't have drivers liscence and parents won't let me go alone.