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  1. MountainPup

    Looking for a couple awesome furs to join our Colorado Pack!

    Hia! So as the headline says, my partner Arlo and I are looking for a couple of fun, responsible & adventurous furs to join our pack in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. For the right furs, this is an awesome opportunity! We want to start a small pack, and it’s kind of a package deal if...
  2. D

    (Commissions Open!) Doing Art of *Almost* All Kinds!

    Only limits are: no scat, no cub/underage, and no real people/celebrities. Gore, Smut of all kinds, Non-con, Fluff, Necro, Cuteness, Xeno, Zoo, Ovi, I'll draw it all and more. Contact me on FA or at any of the contacts on my commission sheet.
  3. draton01


    Hello there! I'm hosting a raffle over at my FA account! You can find it here along with the details and rules: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40948485/ Good luck if you participate!