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  1. Darin Waller

    (Commission) Selling: Ko-Fi Quick Sketches (CLOSED)

    EDIT 05-26-2022: Commissions are CLOSED! Greetings! You may call me Darin, I'm a digital artist and graphic designer. I'm currently open for simpe, quick commissions, base prices ranging from $9 to $25. You can find some examples of my work on my Ko-Fi page. Please, make sure you read carefully...
  2. snailienz

    $25 Adoptables OPEN 2/3

    => Go Here or Comment Below to Claim 1. OPEN 2. sold-SkullFoxAltar 3.OPEN BONUS: Offering to make full refs to go with the design for $20 more! Includes back view and detail shots (ex: paws, how accesories attach, teeth) AND color swatch set.
  3. SageSlate

    Commissions - Sketch Halfbodies (OPEN, $25)

    Hello there, everyone! I'm opening commissions for Sketched Halfbodies for $25 USD ($30 USD for extremely complicated characters.) Payment is via Paypal, and should be sent after the commission is completed. If you're interested, send me a PM! (I accept all animal-type anthros, nudity...
  4. K1ND

    Fullbody + Sketch Page Commissions $10-$25

    Hello! Let me draw one of your fur babies for you! slots are open & I'm willing to draw [almost] anything! Sketch Page Examples ** Limited color palette, 1-3 colors $10 More samples on my dA DodoBirdArt's DeviantArt Gallery USD paypal only, pay me after u ok my sketch - payment after...