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  1. Ceiling_Cat_On_High

    Another Animation Exercise

    I've been trying to get some animation practice in. Pretty simple, but something to stretch the drawing muscles at least.
  2. rjanaconda

    Learn to animate

    Hello all! I will be live streaming animation lessons. I will be going over animation basics as well as doing simple projects that will show you the steps you need to take to create animation in various ways. I will be also doing experimentation with various things I will be streaming on...
  3. rjanaconda

    Service Animals 1 open for sale $10-50

    Hello all! My first (possibly of many) animated videos are now for sale. This hot and steamy sex scene is animated by hand for only 10USD you can get your own copy. Animation can be customized for 25 or 50 depending on your choice of if I can re sell the animation with your color scheme. Full...
  4. Wyvern Entertainment

    Dragons Be Episode 1 Free to play.

    Hey guys! Episode 1 is now completely free to play! Follow the links below to download it! Feedback is welcome! Game Jolt - Indie games for the love of it seiryu32.itch.io: Dragons Be by Seiryu32
  5. Wyvern Entertainment

    Dragons Be Trailer

    Hey guys! New to the forums! Check out the trailer for my game Dragons Be! Follow the link below!