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3d art

  1. rexrush17

    3D artist just joined the forum

    Hey guys, this is Rex Rush. I'm new here and want to say hello. I am a 3D artist and when i find free time between work, i craft little scenes pretty much about anything. I wanted to show you my latest selfie and ask to you: is this the right place to post this? and also, please tell me if you...
  2. Kerosinner

    Desperately need feedback or advice about my 3d models

    Since once I spend my free time drawing furry models in Blender and it bothers me. I`m extremely embarrassed to show this stuff to anybody as it is NSFW and quite low on quality. But without a propper feedback I feel that I make no progress and other artists` models have just unreachable level...
  3. Mercurium

    Free Art Raffle: 3D Bust

    Free 3D Bust Your Character Here Raffle (SFW) Rules below: The raffle can be found here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42837897/ Hi there! I’m Wanting to try out a few new things, including working with others and building some confidence in my skills. I want to do something a little odd...
  4. Lioedevon427

    Low Poly wings help

    Hoi! Can any 3D modelers here give me advice for modeling wings, or better yet link to a tutorial? I’d appreciate it a bunch seeing as Im a beginner!
  5. Ariaxu

    Comissions (selling) - zbrush sculpts / 3D art / digital paintings(dogs)

    Yoo So basically my job finished and I have fallen into a bit of a financial pickle and i really need to get some money for rent. Normally 3d art i guess isnt as popular for comission due to the fact that it takes 20000 hours to make but hey, I mostly offering zbrush sculpt comissions, starting...
  6. I

    Hiring: NSFW 3D Artist to create Unity-rigged 3D Model ($200+)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to commission someone capable of turning my human OC into a fully-rigged 3D model for personal use in Unity game engine. As a list, here's what I'm looking to get done; - real-life proportions, ideally not anime-like - colored & textured - rigged for IK (I intend to...
  7. minzer

    Hiring: Looking for Avatar for Vstreaming

    Hi! I might be interested in starting to v-Stream, i already made my first own trackable drawing in Adobe Character Designer which works well and turned out cute but i thought about looking out for an artist who knows what they're doing better than me. I'm specifically looking for only Head to...
  8. Kagebi

    Sketchbook: 3D rendering progress. From start to X.

    A little less than a week ago, I submitted this monstrosity of a claymation looking thing. After a couple days dedicated to figuring some of the software out, here is where I am at today. I still have some obvious flaws, but pretty proud of how far I have come so far.
  9. Kagebi

    3D Bust of WIP character.

    Hope you guys like it so far. Will be posting further progress here: Userpage of Arkay3D -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  10. O

    Hiring: NSFW 3D ARTIST FOR SFM OR BLENDER MODEL (100-300 USD Budget)

    I am in need of an modeler/3D Artist who is open to creating a fully rigged 3D Model of an OC I have. Requirements for model: - Need 3D model with textures packed. - IK Rig - Needed to be done ASAP. (Around 2-3 weeks) If the listed price seems unreasonable for the work at hand I am willing to...
  11. DragonSam98

    Sketchbook: Sam's SFM Showcase! (Contains Ponies!)

    I've been working on Source Filmmaker for close to a year now, and these are my best works. As in, they're the works I actually am halfway satisfied with. Lol. And, a gif I made to celebrate getting an error 404 as I clicked upload a while back. XD And, that's it. There is more art...
  12. maximum124

    (Commission) Selling: Maximum's 2D Art, 3D Models, Animations and more! ($15-$300+)

    Full 1 - Full 2 Full 1 - Full 2 My email is maximumchaostheory124@gmail.com, you can visit my portfolio, or DeviantArt for more examples of my art. I will draw NSFW, gore, and simple mecha.
  13. Yacare

    Free Art: I want to practice my 3D modeling skills with some of your OCs!

    As mentioned in the title, I'm in the process of learning 3D modeling on blender, and I thought it might be fun to practice with some characters of the community! They will be low poly, and when I finish them, I'll upload a turnaround animation in this thread. I may also use the results to post...
  14. M

    Free 3DCG assets

    Greetings to all, i'm a 3DCG artist and want to share my work with everyone, i own a website where i post all my work if any of you are interested you can go to Free3DCG • Free 3D models download and download anything you need, some of them are decent some are awful but i'm sure you'll find...
  15. F

    3d work not showing in search

    For some reason, when I search for 3d, nothing pops up. How come the search isn't working? I've seen plenty of 3d art on this site so I know that it is there.
  16. fenchfletcher

    3D art programs?

    I'm wanting to get into making 3D projects but I'm having some problems. I am currently using Sculptris to make things, and it works, but it crashes pretty frequently. I'm wondering if this is a common problem or if maybe my computer is the issue (it's an old HP Pavilion G series 2009 laptop...
  17. kiaazad

    (Other) Selling: Create your own games from your characters art and story ($500 and up)

    Have you ever wanted to see the characters you've creating in a game? Do you have a story to tell but just writing it down doesn't seem enough? I'm here to help you turn your idea, art and story into games. With my skill set, I can help you from the idea bouncing stage all the way to the finish...
  18. VladTheLad

    Sketchbook: VladTheLad 3D Sketchbook >:3

    Hello! A year and a half on FA and I didn't know about this forum o_O. I'll be posting some of my art here, as well as some WIPs, I hope you like it :3 First, here's my last work :D www.furaffinity.net: Much needed quality time! by VladTheLad
  19. hara-surya

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency $20 3D Commissions

    I work as a substitute teacher and the first week after fall break "an incident was reported" that I won't get into other than to say it was Bravo Sierra, but they have to do their due diligence to investigate. Either way, I've been out of work for most of a month now and while I have roommates...
  20. SculptingBear

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Figurines! - $50-110+

    Hi there! My name is Bear. I'm a sculptor! I'm currently looking to take a few more commissions. My terms of service, which includes all my contact info: www.tinyurl.com/beartos My Trello/queue: Trello I'm much more active on Twitter as well, same username!