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3d art

  1. AcetheSuperVillain

    3D Eroge CG Collections, Taking Requests

    I'm Ace the SuperVillain, I'm a 3D artist, and I'm trying to turn my passion into a career. I've thought about making 3D comics, but coming up with plot and dialog is very work intensive. But I enjoy eroge CG galleries, so I tried making some of my own. (If this is new to you, "Eroge" is a...
  2. Foxex

    Free Art: Looking for references (Female Char. perferred) 3D Sculpts Full Body/Busts

    Hello, guys! I am a 3D character artist and a fellow fur, I do stylized character sculpting and I am wanting to hone down my skills some more. So, it would be awesome for you guys to give me references of your fursonas and characters. usually I just look of Pinterest, but I really want to focus...
  3. Melazzee

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Head Sculpts

    Hi everyone! I am offering slots for 3D head/shoulders Zbrush sculpts of your character. They won't be prepped for 3D printing, but they can be prepped later by someone else (last time I 3D printed my own sculpt, it cost too much when I prepped it myself lol). Anyways, without further ado...
  4. Foxex

    Fursona WIP Custom Species

    So I am currently designing my own species for my Fursona, and one of my first original characters I'm designing myself I am still working out the specific details of the species, and this little guy's name is Ziph, I'll be periodically posting updates on the project and I'll post the info...
  5. Mcstuffins

    Commissions Open: McStuffins' 3D Stuff (NSFW/SFW)

    Heya everyone, I've recently opened commissions for my 3D artwork. I can do SFW/NSFW art but I prefer to do NSFW. I can do pinups, hyper, inflation, and a host of other things. I can make a wide variety of species as well. I also have a small but growing library of available YCH...
  6. LaBunnyHoney

    3D Model Commissions ($25-$65) NSFW&SFW

    Howdy Y'all!! I love 3D Modeling, so I figured I'd take a crack at bringing other peoples visions a little closer to life! Take a look at my commision list and feel free to shoot me a message! I'm still pretty new at this, so feel free to ask me anything! Questions, Comments, Compliments...
  7. sakabutsu

    3D models and 2D art

    I am in a bitof a bad situation right now, SO! I am taking art commissions, ANY kind see my gallery here: Userpage of Sakabutsu -- Fur Affinity [dot] net 3D 2D you can also check out my tumblr sakabutsu.tumblr.com: sakabutsu
  8. Crypto-Zoo

    Looking for 3D artist for project

    Hi all I am currently looking for a 3D artist to help me with a project which I am in the early stages. My price range is £5 - £100+++ Must be a great artist with a great imagination and an open mind, the successful artist will also received MUCH more work going forwards as I currently have...
  9. Reiv

    A Picture That I Made in Gmod When I Was Feeling Down

    Right now I'm in a terrible state of not being able to accept myself. I really like anthropomorphic furry characters but I just unable to accept the fact that I like them and this hatred towards myself gives me suicidal thaughts. So I thaught, let's just get over this pain and made this in Gmod...
  10. diffusemoose

    Looking to commission a professional 3D artist with Facerig experience

    Hello, all! I've started to become more active with twitch streaming and would really like to have my own 3D character model in Facerig. Given my name, I'm looking for someone to create a fully functioning 3D Facerig Moose model based on the concept art I'm still currently working on (I will...
  11. Reiv

    3D Modelling, Few Questions

    I have a Cinema 4D and I found modelling fun. I just don't know how to train myself. What should I do to get better? Also, what kind of texturing program should I use? I'm totally stuck.
  12. Noberto

    I want new characters for my 3D sculpts

    Hello! I currently have some free time at work, and I enjoy sculpting new stuff while new projects don't show up. As I'm still working to improve my workflow, I wonder if I could find anyone interested in having their characters made in 3D. If you're interested, I can even try to make it 3D...
  13. C

    [NSFW] Need 3D rigger for feral (Blender)

    I'm looking to get someone to rig this character: imgur.com/a/3ihPIcO (Warning: contains feral male NSFW bits) Details I need the whole character rigged, including: Mouth (only needs to open and close, but facial expressions would be a great addition) Hair/mane NSFW bits Dagger will need to be...
  14. sleepybears

    sleepybears commissions (cheap!)

    hey i'm looking for some extra money and haven't opened commissions for a while so here it is! --> deviantart journal link comment or send me a pm on here or dA if you are interested or have any questions -extra characters are +half of the original price chibi: $5 (canvas will be bigger than...
  15. Sloterdriek

    First 3D walk cycle

    i have made my first walking animation in cinema4D. i think it looks a bit of, Feel free to give any kind feedback I love to hear some.
  16. omochalaroo

    So, i make 3d stuff, but going to 2d as well

    So i love working on 3d models, i use a varity of programs like zbrush,blender,substancepainter 2. But recently i have been going back to drawing since i got my new monitor tablet and i rather like it. But i was curious as to how i can better market myself out more so some of my stuff can be...
  17. JesterKatz

    Some of My CGI Art

    Yep, I'm gonna jump onto the "look at me!" band wagon to show off my (SFW) art. From older submissions to recent:
  18. RakshaTheCat

    Interactive art, like 2d/3d games?

    Hey Was just wondering, what people think about the topic? Have you ever made a furry themed game? Or maybe toying with an idea of bringing your art to life? Please share any thoughts :3 Small example is in my avatar, although its not a serious project, just an antro cat running around trying...
  19. Miziful

    Mizi's 3d things

    greetings, I'm a new artist here! nice to meet you all, I'm mizi, a 3d artist from spain, I'd love to show off my stuff a bit and if possible to get some watches! I'm also quite poor ;_; the life of the unpopular artist is insanly harsh, so if you like my stuff, a bit of patreon support will...
  20. xanfi

    Chibis: flats $20, painted $30, etc.

    Hi, I'm new on FA, and I'm trying to open up Commissions to see how it goes. So for now I'm opening up Chibi Commissions! Note me on FA if interested or email me at jaec.rb@gmail.com . Some Basic Info: -Price range is set for complexity. I will give you a quote based on a reference you provide...