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3d art


    New character design, what?

    Hi folks, so after slipping and slamming on the damn stairs i realize – it’s so much better to ask others to think for you. I would like to hear your ideas, for, well, anthropomorphic character design, please. By the way, what do you think about my artwork down below? Thanks!?:confused:
  2. G

    Original, Plushie/Doll of your fursona?

    So, I've been doing some 3d models lately. They're sturdy, neat looking, and flexible. If I were to compare it to anything, it would be AnyaBoz's "room guardians". However, they're in no way the same idea. I create them with a clay face, and feet of any sort, steel wire for the limbs, aluminum...
  3. Aurorans Solis

    Something a Little Different

    Now I'm not exactly a good artist - I'll say that up front. I have little to no skill when it comes to drawing proportion but have an excellent eye for spotting when things are off, and in terms of drawing, these two things are mutually incompatible. So, I've had to turn to different kinds of...
  4. lupus-lup

    Showing off my 3D arts

    Hello furries, I wanted to share with you my newest 3D models to promote myself a bit in here ≧◡≦ Lup's (Fursona) Head WIP LiLaiRa's Endy Redraw - One year comparison Lup's Reference Sheet
  5. JesterKatz

    3D Modeler - Able to Turn Your OC Into a 3D Model for Only 30 USD!

    You may note me either on my Fur Affinity account, or Deviant Art. :3 Userpage of jesterkatz -- Fur Affinity [dot] net JesterKatz on DeviantArt Or of course, you can post on this thread!
  6. KitKatChunKiss

    Anatomy help? ; v;

    I'm not that great on anatomy, so I was wondering if everything looked good on this model before I work on a more final version? I'll add fur later. I also hid the bits so it should be alright for this forum... I hope. ; ;
  7. LinnyChanPL

    (Commission) Selling: CHEAP sketch & sfm COMMISSIONS! [2021 RE-OPENED]

    www.furaffinity.net: CHEAP SKETCH COMMISSIONS! [2020 RE-OPENED] by LinnyChanPL RE-OPENED AGAIN AS FRESH AS 2020! Just comment or send PM! REFERENCE SHEET: REF STARTER: 25$ 1 base view + headshot REF v 2 : 30$ 2 base views + headshot every additional thing: 5$ I ACCEPT ANY SPECIES, ANY...
  8. LinnyChanPL

    What do you think about my SFM anthro arts?

    Hey guys! I've started using Source Filmmaker like 2 years ago. Now I have more than 1k hours spent in this program. For those who doesn't know what is SFM: Source Filmmaker I used to make TF2&Payday2 related stuff. For example...