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3d model

  1. J

    3D Model creators? [filled]

    Hi, very sorry if this is in the wrong thread >.< I am new to the furry fandom and furaffinity, I am looking for 3D model creators to make my fursona come to life, I don't mind the price I care more about the quality, so plz send me some names and links so I can look around, thx. I should...
  2. OverFurry

    Hiring: 3d model with VrChat/vTuber rigging (Can go up to and above $1000)

    I'm looking for a 3d model of either of these characters (attached images) The price range isn't really a issue for me. I am NOT looking for a low-poly style. If you are wanting to suggest yourself to commission please show some similar characters you have done in the past. Since I state in the...
  3. cgeyeguy

    (Commission) Selling: ($150+) Custom VRChat Avatars

  4. D

    Hiring: ($100+) 3D Character Modeling

    Hello, I'm looking for a 3D modeling artist who can help me 3D model a character that I have. I attached a link to the character, he is a very complex and detail character with a whole bunch of stuff and I have a list of stuff that I want to get through. Link...
  5. Parabellum3

    Hiring: Need a 3D modeler for game development/VR chat (<= $200)

    Hey guys. This may be a tough one to take on, but I am looking for someone that could make a 3D model of my OC, along with his blade and gun for a little game that I am trying to make using the Unreal Engine. Currently I am trying to implement basic functions to a dummy character, though I don't...
  6. Mercurium

    Free Art Raffle: 3D Bust

    Free 3D Bust Your Character Here Raffle (SFW) Rules below: The raffle can be found here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42837897/ Hi there! I’m Wanting to try out a few new things, including working with others and building some confidence in my skills. I want to do something a little odd...
  7. I

    Need help with a 3D model!

    Hi! So, I'm currently looking for a 3D base model of a wolf girl to edit and make it as a gift for one of my friends, but I cannot find any suitable. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you! :3
  8. Sneepers

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Illustration, Animations, 3D Models, Oh my!

    Welcome to my online shop! Here I offer a wide array of services if you have the coin~ Below is the link to my online portfolio where my entire gallery is on display! I specialize in digital illustration, 2d animation, and 3D modeling! Sneepers Online Portfolio! Here are some of my most recent...
  9. Zorrena

    Hiring: Looking for someone to make a 3D model for use in VRchat [Closed]

    Hello I wanted to see about hiring someone to do a model for me for use in VR chat and possibly beatsaber and gaming streams. I don't know what the average cost is so if you can let me know what you think of pricing I'll link 3 pictures of the character I want and you can leave a post here with...
  10. I

    Hiring: NSFW 3D Artist to create Unity-rigged 3D Model ($200+)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to commission someone capable of turning my human OC into a fully-rigged 3D model for personal use in Unity game engine. As a list, here's what I'm looking to get done; - real-life proportions, ideally not anime-like - colored & textured - rigged for IK (I intend to...
  11. The-Greatest-Mystery

    (Commission) Selling: ($150+) Collaborative 3D-Printed Miniature Commissions: $250 (SFW only)

    Sascha-Snowstorm and I are teaming up to offer a greater variety of commission options! From now on, paying $250 can get you: The-Greatest-Mystery - Front + Side views, drawn as semi-rough, stylized sketches (sketch review stage) - A digital flat-colour of the front or side view (colour review...
  12. Yacare

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Modeling commissions! - VRchat and Vtubing avatars, 3D printing files, and more!

    I have 2 slots open at the moment for 3D modeling commissions. You can fill this form to see my rates and get a slot! For more info, or to get a 2D Commission, you can check my website
  13. maximum124

    (Commission) Selling: Maximum's 2D Art, 3D Models, Animations and more! ($15-$300+)

    Full 1 - Full 2 Full 1 - Full 2 My email is maximumchaostheory124@gmail.com, you can visit my portfolio, or DeviantArt for more examples of my art. I will draw NSFW, gore, and simple mecha.
  14. wskiey

    VRChat/Vtuber and streaming avatar commisions ($150+)

    Hi! We recently mastered making 3D avatars (3D chat and vtuber) and made some human models for myself -- art streams and vtubering (outfit, textures and hairstyle painted by me) and muzzle example of kemono (not my outfit). You can ask me for commission. Commission can have payment plan...
  15. Yacare

    Free Art: I want to practice my 3D modeling skills with some of your OCs!

    As mentioned in the title, I'm in the process of learning 3D modeling on blender, and I thought it might be fun to practice with some characters of the community! They will be low poly, and when I finish them, I'll upload a turnaround animation in this thread. I may also use the results to post...
  16. M

    Free 3DCG assets

    Greetings to all, i'm a 3DCG artist and want to share my work with everyone, i own a website where i post all my work if any of you are interested you can go to Free3DCG • Free 3D models download and download anything you need, some of them are decent some are awful but i'm sure you'll find...
  17. VladTheLad

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Commissions are *OPEN* [ U$60 - U$ 120 ]

    Hello! I'm Vlad, 3D Artist currently opening 10 Slots for commissions *w* Contact: Twitter | Discord: #VladLad6709 | This post :3 Other Links: FurAffinity Twitter Instagram DeviantArt Art Examples:
  18. VladTheLad

    Sketchbook: VladTheLad 3D Sketchbook >:3

    Hello! A year and a half on FA and I didn't know about this forum o_O. I'll be posting some of my art here, as well as some WIPs, I hope you like it :3 First, here's my last work :D www.furaffinity.net: Much needed quality time! by VladTheLad
  19. Dream_Merchant

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Your own 3D Model of your (equine) character in feral form! ($350 USD)

    BASE PRICE: $350 USD plus postage (approx. $40 - will be more if wings are added etc) Model pictured is the model I have in hand, ready to customize for you - if you want to see more angles of the model, see here: https://www.identifyyourbreyer.com/.....ify/latigo.htm Included in base price: -...
  20. EdgarKingmaker

    Hiring: 3D Modeler Needed for Printable Minis $75-$500

    Humanoid bunnies, reptilians, aliens, and more. From fantasy equipped to sci-fi or Wild West. Minis need to be presentable in painted condition for tabletop gaming demos. Budget highly flexible, multiple orders for quick turnaround times with expressive and well designed models. Please leave...