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  1. Rumzle

    rumzle's art thread :)

    I'm an easygoing person who loves making art! My programs of choice are Blender, Clip Studio, Gimp, and Photoshop. My art can get a bit spicy/lewd but nothing too crazy! I just hope I can make some people happy with my creations :D
  2. VladTheLad

    (Commission) Selling: 3D Commissions are *OPEN* [ U$60 - U$ 120 ]

    Hello! I'm Vlad, 3D Artist currently opening 10 Slots for commissions *w* Contact: Twitter | Discord: #VladLad6709 | This post :3 Other Links: FurAffinity Twitter Instagram DeviantArt Art Examples:
  3. VladTheLad

    Sketchbook: VladTheLad 3D Sketchbook >:3

    Hello! A year and a half on FA and I didn't know about this forum o_O. I'll be posting some of my art here, as well as some WIPs, I hope you like it :3 First, here's my last work :D www.furaffinity.net: Much needed quality time! by VladTheLad
  4. beezlebum

    Critique this piece?

    It's a 3D sculpt I did, and I'm kind of proud of it, but I know it could be better. Some suggestions on how I could make the next piece even better would be much appreciated
  5. Z01Y0NYA

    Any blender 3D Artists/Genuises/Masters out there????

    So for MONTHS I have been trying to accomplish this one simple method in blender that I cant seem to solve.... Would ANYONE know how to do this? Or atleast know where the addon for this is located? And if you understand what im trying to do... would there be any alternatives??? I tried...