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  1. Horatio Husky

    Looking for feedback on fantasy story featuring foxes!

    First chapter can be found here. <-- CW: ABDL content, 18+!
  2. KrakenBite

    A New Life In SunnyValley | ABDL Game | [KrakenBite]

    Welcome to SunnyValley! What is SunnyValley? SunnyValley is a video game in which you can have a new beginning, a new life. From the player section you can choose 3 characters to develop your story, depending on which one you choose, your start in SunnyValley will be different. In summary...
  3. V

    ABDL Vampire RP?

    I'm in search of roleplay partners who might be interested in doing something with Lestat and Louis from "Interview With The Vampire" that's set in the modern era. Not sure on an idea just yet, but the things I like most in an ABDL rp are: Mental regression, spanking, bondage, some humiliation...
  4. ABDL Miah

    “A Whole Week In Diapers!” [ FREE DEMO! ] ABDL Game by ADBLMiah [ 08/06/2021 ] ( English & Spanish )

    Good morning babys! My name is Miah, I am a video game creator who has started her career this year, right now I am developing an ABDL game on Patreon called “A Whole Week In Diapers”! If you want to know more about the video game you can download a Demo below, you can also visit Patreon...
  5. BabyBunnyBoy

    Beware: Kink Ahead! (mxm, fxf, mxf)

    Hey howdy hey - If you recognized the acronym in the title, I'm glad to see it caught your attention. I'll likely be around and able to reply at least a little bit on a mostly daily basis, though the times I will might be a bit scattered depending on my mood. It's worth noting I typically tend...
  6. Horatio Husky

    Three Strikes And You're Out! | Comm

    Richard didn't expect his feelings for his gym buddy to grow as quickly as they did, and certainly not to the extent of the kinky relationship that he had in mind. I mean, chastity cages? Diapers? Sub/Dom play? A rough cop like him isn't into those kinds of things... or is he? Find out just...
  7. Horatio Husky

    (NSFW) The Curse (Diapers/Hypno/Furry/Braindrain) [Comm]

    When Dylan goes to find himself some entertainment, the donkey finds that tempting fate can have unforseen, crinkly consequences. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41482718/
  8. G

    DL commissioners open?

    I’m looking for Abdl artists who are open for commissions. Someone who does humans, furries, monsters and ferals. Anyone open?
  9. J

    ABDL long term rp MXM

    Hello my name is jax. I am a gay fur looking for a longer term rp partner. It would be a ABDL role play. Please hit up my discord ZJMT7098#5028. If you wish to rp with me. It can be soft or dirty. 18+
  10. Horatio Husky

    (NSFW) Birds of a Feather (Diapers/Domination/Sub/Dom) [Comm]

    A shy owlet finds out that the intimidating horned owl he goes on a date with had him figured out much more than he expected. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38951862/
  11. Strangerfan236


    Is anyone interested in an abdl rp? basically i play as this lil guy Sammy. he's shy but eager to be someone's baby my discord is Strangerfan236#0882
  12. S


    New writer, spent about a week on this, any input is appreciated! It's a romantic drama centered around a fox and his comrades in the midst of war. pdf attached
  13. J

    Abdl maid rp

    I’m Jax or jasmine I’m a female wolf into abdl, bondage and domestic servitude. I’m extremely submissive. I’m looking for a very dom fur or human to do a long term rp. Send any message or questions to Discord- ZJMT7098#5028 Telegram- bvb289698
  14. Horatio Husky

    (NSFW!) From Meetings to Naptime - Chapter 1 [Comm] (Diaper/ABDL/Hyper messing/Mind Regression)

    WARNING: VERY NSFW CONTENT AHEAD! THIS MATERIAL IS 18+ ONLY! DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE UNDER 18! DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are adults. DISCLAIMER: This story contains explicit language as requested by the commissioner that some may find disturbing, viewer discretion is...
  15. MoonBabChris

    Looking for RP Partner (Longterm/ABDL/Babyfur)

    A pretty standard "looking for" post. I'm looking for someone to RP with, obviously. Specifically someone who's literate in their writing and willing to take on the caretaker role, though I'm willing to switch it up from time to time. Of course I'm not closed off to other kinds of RP, I'm...
  16. Horatio Husky

    Notepad: (SFW/ABDL) Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] by Horatio_Husky

    FA: www.furaffinity.net: Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] by Horatio_Husky SF: Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] | SoFurry Wattpad: Matilda the Bear (ABDL/Hypnotization/Bondage/Diaper) - Matilda the Bear - Chapter 1 [Comm] - Wattpad
  17. J


    im a fox switch for looking for any abdls for a longterm rp. human or furry and gender must like diapers and to use them, and im open with any extra kinks or fetishes. don't be shy im happy to find more rp friends discord- ZJMT7098#5028 telegram- bvb289698
  18. Horatio Husky

    Notepad: NSFW Story: "Don't Talk with Strangers"

    Includes: Diapers, Subordination, Humiliation, Chastity, Forced Messing/Wetting, Bondage, Forced Infantilism, Sub/Dom, Fantasy, Gay, Incarceration, Mind Break, Nurse play www.furaffinity.net: Don’t Talk to Strangers - Chapter 1 [Comm] by Horatio_Husky Don't Talk to Strangers - Chapter 1 [Comm]...
  19. J

    abdl femboy pet rp

    im jasmine im a femboy fox looking to be a femboy diaper pet for someone. It can start as rp and maybe be more. if just rp I would like it to be a long-term rp. Any gender or species. Discord: ZJMT7098#5028
  20. D

    Diaperfur RP

    I'd love to do a diaperfur rp with someone! Discord is preferred! We can discuss things in private! If you have a discord leave your tag in a reply!