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  1. J

    ADBL rp

    Im a very dominat male looking to do long term ABDL rp. any gender. message me here. must be into diapers and using them. you can be furry or non furry. femboys and sissy, male and female welcome
  2. Horatio Husky

    "The Hypnotist's Volunteer" (Hypnotism/Diaper fetish/Public humiliation)

    My newest story is complete! Come and check it out! www.furaffinity.net: The Hypnostist's Volunteer [Comm] by Horatio_Husky
  3. Paintedfoxy

    ABDL furry space adventure story

    hiya! I’m creating a Furry ABDL story following the space adventures of My bunny Kyro Starwing. If you are looking for a story then head on over! I post new chapters every 2 weeks and will post new photos every month as I hone my art skills. I will be putting up polls for the next story arc and...
  4. Horatio Husky

    ABDL/Furry Short Story Commissions!

    I've recently opened up commissions on my profile after my first successful short story commission! If you are interested in commissioning me, follow this link: Commission Info for Horatio_Husky -- Fur Affinity [dot] net If you would like to read the short story I have recently completed, you...
  5. E

    Just the D-Bar (Discord Server for Diaper-Furs/ABDL)

    Hello there, I've created a Discord server specifically for Diaper-Furs/Diaper Lovers. Though this server is intended to be a bit more mature than other ABDL-Themed and Baby-Fur/Diaper-Fur Servers, any may join. Politics are allowed. Swearing is allowed. NSFW is allowed in the specified...
  6. Tytysi

    Discussion for Littles/Baby/Diaper Furs

    Hey there everyone! Fresh topic, fresh conversation, and fresh perspectives. This is a topic for anyone that identifies as a Little or a Baby/Diaper Fur to come together and chat, share art of their fursonas, and answer any questions that people outside of the community have for us. Some...
  7. Angellothefox

    Birthday commission NSFW I wanna GIVE YOU MONEY!

    My B-day is coming up and I want to pay an artist to do an NSFW picture. You must be. A. Open minded B. Not mind drawing NSFW material. I am looking for something in the range of £6.00 or bellow. Also, may I remind your minimum price is $5, Those are not my request or rules those are the FA...
  8. Angellothefox

    NSFW Can someone draw Crystal Fire (EDITED)

    So the last time I posted this I got a bit too carried away and a bit too descriptive. So I will leave it at I am looking for some FREE art for Crystal fire PM me if you're interested in doing me some. Crystal Fire's ref sheet www.furaffinity.net: Crystal Fires ref sheet by Angellothefox
  9. Horatio Husky

    Sci-Fi Diaperfur Story (general to mature)

    Hello there! I am currently in the process of writing a Sci-Fi related ABDL-fetish themed series! Here is the link to the first chapter for those interested. www.furaffinity.net: Scott's Remote | Chapter 1 by Horatio_Husky Please do not click the link if you are not prepared to view ABDL...
  10. Horatio Husky

    Hello! Babyfur/Diaperfur Writer here!

    Just started writing! If you are interested, here is a link to the first chapter of a series I am writing! www.furaffinity.net: Scott's Remote | Chapter 1 by Horatio_Husky Don't click if you aren't prepared for ABDL content! Thank you!
  11. Ddestro

    ABDL/Fetish Comic!

    Hello everyone! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to see and share fellow anthro Artists work! I Myself (Dayah) Have started and am working on a webcomic called night delights!!! www.furaffinity.net: Night Delights Chapter 1 Page 1 by DDestro This is my first ever time ever working with digital srt, so some...
  12. Bunnbunn

    I wanna rp pretty please (skype)

    Hi guys names bunnbunn im super bored so i wanted to post here and see if there anyone as bored as i am and if you are see of ya wanted to rp a bit fair warning though im a baby fur and a switch i prefer to rp with girls and i have 5 oc's so there are lots of options for a story rp but we'll...
  13. C

    Diaper-related CM

    I am considering something involving Cream getting babied by Tails and am wondering if anyone's up to the task.
  14. Angellothefox

    Remember I still have 2 slots open for FREE art commissions

    SORRY NO MORE COMMISSIONS :( (COMMISSION CLOSED) I am doing some free commissions Remember I still have 1 slots open for FREE art commission. All you have to do if your interested is comment and I will hopefully do you a free commission because it looks like I am not doing anything The...
  15. Angellothefox

    Should I join a babyfur/diaperfur/abdl site

    Should I join a babyfur/diaperfur/abdl site? Lets face it I have been in your faces asking you or telling you babyfur or diaperfur stuff and some of you do not like it. So I ask this big question So should I join ADISC or Babyfur me or UKbabyfur since I do live in the UK. I also will tell...
  16. Angellothefox

    Who here is a babyfur or a diaperfur or a abdl and dose diaper stuff?

    Who here is a babyfur or a diaperfur or a abdl and what do you like to do in your spare time dose it invove wearing a nappy or pacifiers or telling me off for making another abdl thread. It is my abdl day what do you expect. So please tell me if you want to
  17. Angellothefox

    Babyfur guidlines from the web X0

    OK I know I am going to be slated for this MATURE AUDIANCE WANING I GO ON ABOUT NAPPIES AND NAPPY USE AND ALL THAT SORT OF STUFF! Oh dear so I was seaching for something else babyfur games when I cam across this http://www.swiftsden.net/bfpbg_v1_2.pdf We have really reached that stage where...
  18. Angellothefox

    ABDL/Babyfur should I get myself a pacifier

    Reasently I have been thinking about this. Oh yeah and please if your out to bash the abdl or diaperfur or babyfur fandom I suggest not commenting. If you comment I dissagree with this fine far enough. But do not be trolling us because we are people too and we demand respect. It is also OK if...
  19. Angellothefox

    Hi it is me again. Is there any UK furs here?

    Now the last free art I asked for someone made for me thank you very much :) But now here is the next question I will ask? Is there any UK furs here? If the answers yes lets narrow it down a bit Is there any Leedsfurs? If the answer is no still stick around:D If the answer is yes then here...
  20. Angellothefox

    I am looking for a FREE artist at will

    I am looking for a free abdl or babyfur artist at will draw my fursona well one of them. Is anyone on Furaffinity taking Free commissions or doing babyfur or abdl free commissions or even free YCH babyfur or diaperfur will be grand