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  1. TyraWadman


    Come together and Tag someone to show them your love! You can explain why you're tagging them, or naw, your choice! @Borophagus Metropolis @FlooferWoofer @Chomby @Rimna @Rayd (Just because your name isn't listed here doesn't mean I don't care btw, I just don't want to flood tags ToT)
  2. J

    Complain About Someone (Non-Forum Member)

    An ex of mine once had to get up early for something, so she asked me to wake her up at that time. No matter what I did (shaking her, turning the lights on, whatever), she refused to get up. She then got mad at me later on because I apparently didn't try hard enough. What would you like to...
  3. dogryme6

    So, you want to talk about Weird Stuff?

    Let's say you were someone who wanted to talk about their own weird fascinations on the FAF Forums... Where would be the best section to do it under? As soon as my question's answered, I'll be on my merry way and ask for this thread to be closed. Haaa, if only I knew how to do that too. Come to...
  4. acommabeforedark

    Identity pages list?

    Hello! I'm relatively new to FA, and to the forums, so I am not sure what they are called, but ya know those 'user' pages like 'bisexualfurs,' 'russianfurries,' and so on? Is there a list of all of those somewhere? I wanted to use them to spice up my 'about' section a lil bit but I wasn't sure...
  5. C

    Hi everyone!

    Hello! So, I'm new to FA Forums, but not to the furry fandom itself. I decided to register there just because I want to talk to people and find friends. My main fursona name is Alen, unlike the forum nickname. It is probably a raccoon, but I'm still not sure, because I haven't finished...
  6. Protonite

    Hm, hi! ^^

    Hey there! My name is Proton, nice to meet you. c: So uh, I'm fairly new to the furry community, and I've only been in one other furry website before, with rather disappointing results. I decided to register here because I really want to give the fandom a chance. About me, I'm rather...