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  1. SystemSearcher

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) SystemSearcher's Symbolatorium and other Vector art

    Hello everyone! My artistic nickname is SystemSearcher, and I do vector art. And many other things on the side, but my main specialty is, indeed, vector art. I have been doing symbology for as long as I can remember holding any artistic implement in my hand, doodling Kamen Rider symbols in my...
  2. iamsporadic

    Critique: Seeking critique on potential shirt design

    I'm finishing up a design that I'd like to have made on a shirt. I'd love and appreciate some critique and feedback on it. In particular, is there anything I can fix? My current worries with it are that it's too excessive, but I'd like it to keep it playfully excessive, or rather, have the...
  3. ABSTRACTBunny

    ABSTRACTBunny Head

    My fursona Abstract or ABSTRACTBunny head has been made! Any opinions?
  4. CardielYFiccion

    Far From A Kingdom - New Webcomic

    Hi everyone! I´m glad to share with you my new webcomic "Far From A Kingdom", a story about a young fox who wants to become a knight, it´s a medieval type story of friendship and adventure. www.theduckwebcomics.com: Far From A Kingdom on The Duck : Page Duties, part 4
  5. Zolfie

    Cheap Commissions for Sale!

    Hello hello, welcome to my small shop, Unusual and Bizarre! I may be new to FA but I have been doing art for a long long time. I specialize in cartoons, especially creatures, anthros, and animals! I also do bizarre and abstract art if you're interested in that too, as well as a sort of...