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  2. TomVaporeon

    Community opinions on markings and colours

    Well, I'm designing a non-pokémon character, and I, like most folks, would like to spice it up a little and add a few markings - just a bit of red here and there in a specific pattern on a mostly grey character. Now my question is, how far do you, the community, find such markings okay, not...
  3. DravenDonovan

    That was.. weird..

    Soooo... I just got home from work and my Dad calls me into the living room. My Parents seen someone on a show my Dad watches (something about living in Alaska? Dunno), but the woman on there was wearing a hat that looked like a husky, and they wanted me to see it. My mom told me she figured...
  4. crystallinecanine

    How did your loved one react?

    I'm curious on how your loved ones reacted when they realized you were a fan of anthropomorphic animals. My own parents adore them; my mom loves the costumes and my dad appreciates the work that goes into it! I was shocked they would accept it but now I want to know how everyone else was received!