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  1. Atomic_Redhead

    Bandana with Pocket?

    I have been looking everywhere for a fursuit bandana with a pocket like the one's Made Fur You makes (see link below). Made Fur You's shop is down so I cannot order one from them. The ones I have found on Etsy haven't been exactly what I am looking for either. Does anyone know of somewhere that...
  2. Strawberry Mink

    $5 Generic Animal Charms and $12 Custom 'Sona Charms Free US Shipping!

    To start things off, both Charm Types are a little over four inches long each. Lamination, keyfob, and PNG file are all included in the cost. Both Charm types are backed with double sided patterned cardstock paper. I have a wide variety of these patterns, and I tend to choose the one that fits...
  3. KushFox


    Alright, fursuit makers. I'm new at asking for help about fursuit parts and commissions, so I need help. I am looking to have high-quality fox ears made that are preferably invisible banded or clip-on; and light up. I would like a specific design that I can map out for you were you to be...
  4. I

    Selling old fursona

    She has over 50 pieces of art that equal well over $100 Price: $70 If you would like proof of all her art she is registered on toyhouse and i can link it if requested. Rules: -you must take off her ring necklace -some of her art includes her mate, you do not get him with her -this is for...
  5. RiaCphynx

    Furry accessories and clothing?

    I want to find stores which sells furry beanies and hoodies, the ones with ears you know :3 Any stores that sells beanies actually... I don't know why but I can't seem to find any on google, so any help would be appreciated, thanks! :D
  6. Hellsingkitten

    $15 Custom Miniature Figurines (Open)

    Do you like cute things? Do you like custom stuff of your characters!? Well, Right now I have 7 $15 slots open for miniature figures, these can be any character, animal or creature. Once these slots are filled prices will go back to their normal values. (Normally $20-30!) All sculpts are 100%...
  7. mochimoth

    $20 Custom Charm and Sticker Commissions

    Hey there! I’m opening up CUSTOM STICKER and CHARM COMMISSIONS! If interested, all you have to do is email me at owlieclawdraws@gmail.com and fill in the lines below. More detailed info about stickers/charms here. FOR: [your name/url commissioning me] PAYPAL EMAIL: [I use paypal invoice to...