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account help

  1. Xuiyn

    Account Creation Disabled - When will you be able to make an account?

    Hello, does anyone know when the account creation is up for the official site?
  2. V

    Removing Old, inaccessible accounts

    After the big security breach a few years ago, I ended up with an account I no longer have access to. Rather than leave it, I wish to remove it completely since I have no use for it and there are images in it that really should be removed. Id report my own images if not for concern for it...
  3. Tequila

    Rather a question

    Hello there. Sorry if this is the wrong corner for that. I am absolutely new to the forums. Well, let's start with the question. I have an old, old account on Furaffinity named "Ulknudel". But I forgot the mail address and the password. Is there any way I still can login? I would like to...
  4. Kratnase

    I need help getting back my original FA account

    Hello! im new here in the forums so i hope this is posted in the correct place (? the story is that, a few years ago, i had my original and only account here in Furaffinity called ¨Kratnase¨ thats my name. i uploaded a few of my drawings and all but the problem started when a guy started to...
  5. K

    How to make my account accessible only to FA's members?

    Hey guys, I remember that FA had an option for choosing - is your account visible/accessible to anyone or only to FA's members. Now I don't find it anywhere and I think I might remember it wrong :D But if there is such an option and I'm just little bit blind or smth, then can you give me some...
  6. M

    Is there any way to change your username on FA?

  7. B

    Is it possible to delete your FurAffinity Forums account but keep your FA account?

    Hello! I realized I need to chance my username (On here) but that's not doable, is it possible to delete the forum account without deleting the FA account. Silly question sorry <: D