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account issue

  1. Xuiyn

    Account Creation Disabled - When will you be able to make an account?

    Hello, does anyone know when the account creation is up for the official site?
  2. V

    Removing Old, inaccessible accounts

    After the big security breach a few years ago, I ended up with an account I no longer have access to. Rather than leave it, I wish to remove it completely since I have no use for it and there are images in it that really should be removed. Id report my own images if not for concern for it...
  3. Kratnase

    I need help getting back my original FA account

    Hello! im new here in the forums so i hope this is posted in the correct place (? the story is that, a few years ago, i had my original and only account here in Furaffinity called ¨Kratnase¨ thats my name. i uploaded a few of my drawings and all but the problem started when a guy started to...
  4. X

    Main Site Having trouble posting, Images not loading

    Whenever I try and upload a new image, it comes up as the small square of 'IMAGE NOT FOUND' and I'm not sure why. The images I post are all either .jpg or .png, I've tried resizing, reducing the file size itself, and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?
  5. N

    Account Problem: Please help with ban appeal!!!!!!

    Hello, my name is Noah, I'm 14 years old and I'm having some bad problems with my furaffinity account named "noahstudios2002" I really need a moderator or an administrator whatever they're called to help me.... It's kinda a long story but please read.... I have a fetish for urine/pants...
  6. Zweenie

    Account Problem: Help getting an account unbanned? :/

    Hey guys, I'm an active user of FA, and have been since 2012. I love posting my own content on FA and viewing others, But unfortunately I've recently been banned.. I was banned for two reasons-- 1: "creating an NSFW account while you're Mature Locked" 2: "uploading adult content with small...
  7. Redchakura_Tiger_Boss91

    Login/Password Problems: I accidentally saved the password in wrong format

    it was all spaces with 0 0s and 1 1s and it compressed, its in need of resetting, my account is 12ParadoxTigerOB, requesting a reset, thanks. Im using another shared public computer for this because my internet is slow just like me [:3, I am new to the all space password approach. Its a new...
  8. S

    [SOLVED] Password Reset Issues

    I've been idly trying to recover my account for a while via the password retrieval system, but for some reason this has never worked for me (my username on the main site is also saucyfox). I sent a few emails to support@furaffinity.net (which I suspect is inactive at this point; though it was...
  9. B

    Need help! Partner cannot log into his account...

    Hi all; my partner, Rakakuza (Userpage of rakakuza -- Fur Affinity [dot] net recently had his computer crash and lost his password to his account. I have already filed a trouble ticket to try and figure out how to help him get back in, but we aren't having much luck. It also seems that the...
  10. H

    Account Problem: FA keeps logging me out for seemingly no reason

    So the problem started yesterday night that going through posted art the site for no reason (As far as I am aware) keeps logging me off, it still loads the art (unless it is rated M or up). This has been constant throughout today and has just become a rather large bother so I was hopping that by...