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  1. Xuiyn

    Account Creation Disabled - When will you be able to make an account?

    Hello, does anyone know when the account creation is up for the official site?
  2. Huge_puroballoon

    I can't change my Furrafinity(Art website) account settings to Mature

    I'm the legal adult age of 18 in my state, but I can't change it to mature! Sorry if this a weird question but anyone know why I can't?
  3. Adracc

    Account Problem: Email closed

    Hello Team, I have an account Username: Adrac This is with an email address that is no longer active. So can i get this chnaged or the account deleted in some way?
  4. bunnyriri

    Account Registration Disabled

    hiii! i'm a newbie here and i was just wondering how long the account registration has been disabled?? been trying for a couple of days now and nothing @.@ i really wanna become active there and start posting my art :'')
  5. Kratnase

    I need help getting back my original FA account

    Hello! im new here in the forums so i hope this is posted in the correct place (? the story is that, a few years ago, i had my original and only account here in Furaffinity called ¨Kratnase¨ thats my name. i uploaded a few of my drawings and all but the problem started when a guy started to...
  6. Blanksama

    How do I get my "Member Since" date back?

    I have been gone for sometime now. and I've only recently returned to drawing art. I've for gotten how to get on my ult accounts. my most popular one is the only one I remember how to get on. but its registration date Jan 7, 2011 10:57. I would love it if there was a way I can get my correct...
  7. AlexanderMuffin

    Main Site Multiple Accounts for Each Character

    Hi, I am kinda new to using FurAffinity. I was just wondering if it is possible to make a seperate account for each character that I have. I only have 3 so far. Thanks in advance :3
  8. SammyPolargon

    Should I upgrade to a PayPal business account and possible issues?

    Hey there! How are you? I was reading an article regarding proper use of PayPal for Digital art commissions, and it stated that it would be best to upgrade to a Business account to avoid issues, however another article states that there's a chance that PayPal will lock-down your account for 21...
  9. GodHybrid

    Is it possible to change my username on FA?

    Well, as per the thread name - I'd like to change my name instead of making a new account. I don't see that feature anywhere though, so I guess it's either not implemented, requires an administrator or is simply impossible altogether. What should I do, and can I do anything about it? P.S.: I...
  10. M

    What happens when you delete your account?

    I've been RPing with 'Frostbyte The Shark' for around 2 months, but I went to post on the PM today to see if they were still there. However, their icon turned into a question mark, their name turned blue and was no longer clickable, and under their name says 'Guest'. Their last post on the RP...
  11. G

    Account Change

    Hey, just thought I'd give everyone a heads up but I'll be making a new account on FAF. I made this one as a beta account to test out what the community was like and just test the waters in general. I've been here for a few days now, and I think that this is a community I can actually get into...
  12. Benthehornyhyena

    [shy voice] Hello !...

    Hi ! I'm new on the forum. I've been a member of FA for soon one year now, but I realized I never made a Forum account. Well, hoping I will get used to it^^'
  13. Taterbunny

    I'm considering doing NSFW art... Advice?

    So, I'm a SFW artist (though occasionally I will draw nudity). But sad to say, it's very difficult to get commissions for SFW art. My sculptures bring in a bit (the most traffic I get is for them, honestly), but I have difficulty getting them out fast enough to pay bills and need to take drawn...
  14. T

    Is it possible to get not used account?

    Someone took my nickname two months ago (that Im using on a lot of sites like here) so I was thinking if for a change I can use Tanuki FA account. It was made in 2005. No submissions, no faves, no watches given to anybody. I hope its fine to ask on forum. ^^; Its very important to me since Im...
  15. Zweenie

    Account Problem: Help getting an account unbanned? :/

    Hey guys, I'm an active user of FA, and have been since 2012. I love posting my own content on FA and viewing others, But unfortunately I've recently been banned.. I was banned for two reasons-- 1: "creating an NSFW account while you're Mature Locked" 2: "uploading adult content with small...
  16. I

    Lost Account?

    I can no longer access my account, I tried resetting with the forced p/w reset and none of my emails match the account, I tried emailing admin@furaffinity.net and that email doesn't exist.....for Christ's sake..... My account is icytux, and I'm not making another one on the Fa site just so I...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Password Reset Issues

    I've been idly trying to recover my account for a while via the password retrieval system, but for some reason this has never worked for me (my username on the main site is also saucyfox). I sent a few emails to support@furaffinity.net (which I suspect is inactive at this point; though it was...
  18. Draken_The_Dragon

    [SOLVED] Unbanning Inquiry

    Hello, obvi banned account is obvi. It's been around 4 years now I think since I was banned on the main site. I'm just going to avoid the detailed history (I know one admin has an 'account' of it all) cause there's some honest misunderstanding to what happened but past is past. But I haven't...
  19. RetroWave

    [SOLVED] FurAffinity recognizes me on forums, but not main site

    So I tried logging into the main furaffinity website, but its saying my password is wrong! I go on here, no problems! I try changing my password in case that's it, and it says the emails wrong, and I knew that was wrong, hell even my account on these forums say the email is right. So whats going...