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  1. Kydashing

    Beginner needing advice for Squirrel Fur Head

    Hey guys, I am thinking about creating a fursuit head from a character from acnl. Its Mint. My friends wanted to cosplay as different characters from there and while i know i don't have the time/money for a full suit, i would like to make the head to start. Any advice or tips for creating a...
  2. cactusqueen

    I'll draw your fursona as an ACNL character! (closed atm)

    not sure if anyone is interested but I'm looking for some stuff to do and I thought this might be fun! I can only do 3 at the moment! please respond if interested!
  3. Tiger Socks

    Animal Crossing

    I've been playing since the game cube version and it's probably my favorite game even more so then pokemon or kingdom hearts. I have played gamecube ac, animal crossing new leaf, animal crossing happy home designer but I never got to play wild world :( Anyways if anybody want's too I'd love to...