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  1. pieterator

    Jitsu Squad - 4 Player Side Scrolling Brawler

    Hi everyone, I would like to present to you our newly launched game, Jitsu Squad! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1522080/Jitsu_Squad/ Story Play as one of four warriors, who have been cursed into animal form, in an attempt to seal away their incredible strength. Set off on a quest to...
  2. CYSYS8993

    Sketchbook: I'm working on an action/adventure webcomic

    The comic is called "Critter Fighters" and it's especially recommended to those who grew up with Sonic (like I have) or have rabbits as their favorite animal. Check it out in my FA gallery. Or in my DeviantArt. PS it's on Tapas too
  3. KestrelOwl

    GorgoN ChambeR X: Grim Genesis (ZodiA WavE Part 1) (A Furry Cosmic Horror Shonen)

    Released the first episode yesterday! Set to release new major episodes monthly, but I plan on posting little bonus episodes to expand the story and world weekly. Any and all support is appreciated at the start of the comic's run, plan on making this my main gig now. Hope you EnjoY ThE ShoW!
  4. M

    Action and Horror in the community

    Alright so, I just gotta ask something. I used to be part of the fandom but left a while back, but I never thought to ask so I might as well now. Why is the such little content for Action, sci-fi and horror in the furry community in comparison to the amount of adult, slice of life, fantasy and...
  5. CardielYFiccion

    [Animated short-film project] Cyberspace Protection Force

    "Cyberspace Protection Force" will be a five minute animated short film that will narrate the adventures of Nat, Kate, Boris and Lloyd, whose mission is to keep the cyberspace safe from any threats. Inspired by the good, old saturday morning cartoons, with traditional, frame by frame animation...
  6. S

    LF Sci-fi 1x1 over Discord or PMs

    Exactly what it says, folks! I'm mainly interested in themes like galactic bounty hunters or pirates floating around space to have adventures and such. Any species with any kind of power is allowed, but don't exaggerate it and go OP. No smut or cringy stuff, but no further requirements I...
  7. ZenostheHunter

    Nsfw/sfw(adventure, takeover, or galatic) rping.Flexible to anything and kinks.

    Anyone here wanna rp with my male OC? I’m pretty flexible to many things unless it’s very comfusing. Also if Nsfw rping. Let me know your kinks and stuff so we can have a restriction to not be uncomfortable. You can pm me or we can make a private server on discord or skye.
  8. GrimnCoyote

    The first chapter of my gay romance story

    Calming the Blood of a Warrior, a furry action gay romance story - GrimnCoyote - Wattpad This took about a day to create the cover art and write the first chapter so tell me what you think.I plan on updating it either once or twice a week depending on my mood.
  9. silverwuffamute


    You live under tyranny, are punished with death for going against the ruling party, but you aren’t alone in these outlandish ideas. Many others are beginning to wake up and stand up against the oppressors with fists held high, you and others will plot and carefully execute terrorist attacks...
  10. T

    Is there anyone that plays as Rocket Racoon?

    I think itd be fun to have a scenario where rocket goes to a planet and finds a Roman style person there and takes him on action filled space adventures, as you do. so if you would like to play as Rocket Raccoon in something then this could be great fun! Im open for a lot of things that could...
  11. T

    wasteland wanderer finds himself a new friend/love [fallout/post-apocalypse/metro RP]

    There is a man walking around the wastelands. He is "The candy man" (ignore the pip boy, he obviously wouldnt have one. he might have a "pip-pad" though but thats a whole other story. Made the model in fallout 4 using the character creation screen in some "crimes against nature" mod) He...
  12. Dubhdara

    New Fantasy Novel "A Monk's Tail"

    Hiya everyone! So I've been writing on and off for a while, simply for pleasure or to let off steam after a busy day. But eventually a novel formed and I ended up publishing it. "A Monk's Tail" is about a firefox monk/monster hunter who gets in way over his head. Action, adventure, and other...
  13. darkflameknight

    N.U.T.Z. a non linear 2D action platformer

    Hello! My name is Alex and I'm the creator of N.U.T.Z. abbreviated for "Never Underestimate The Zardans". N.U.T.Z. is a non linear action platformer game inspired by the classics such as Megaman and Metroid. In February of 2016 I was denied from entering my university program for video games...
  14. C

    Superhero roleplay! looking for partners to discuss possible ideas [adventure][action]

    so ive had this idea that is kinda based on the wonder woman movie, but its only in one aspect. the basi idea i have is that like in wonder woman a more modern society, the good side, or the bad side, or simple some other superhero (any of these could be you) and they stumble upon my character...
  15. zenmaldita

    Don Volpe [Season 3 • MINI EVENT ]

    The celebration was a success, however, the after party had been a complication. Nevertheless, all tasks are accomplished with few collateral damage - albeit higher than I predicted. I apologize for not anticipating such events and will make amends. Thank you for this opportunity. Un bimbo...
  16. C

    You find a Roman "superhero" doggo. RP [Wonder woman inspired] (details in post)

    so i watched wonderwoman a few months ago and thinking back on it, having a premise along the same lines would be a fun rp to play out. thats just the framework of the idea, we'll have to fill in some more blanks before starting. im pretty open minded about what we want to include, like the...
  17. Mr. Beaver

    Hi ,please I need feedback of my new furry action comic :)

    Hi everyone! I just finish the first episode of my own furry action series Mr.Beaver. You can read it here : Mr. Beaver :: Episode 01- Credit page | Tapas It would be great if i can get some feedback from you guys ;) Thanks !
  18. enroshiva

    MakiaVi: The Frozen King (Fantasy Novel)

    The first 5 chapters of my fantasy novel is available here: MakiaVi: The Frozen King - Enro Shiva - Wattpad If you like that sample, the full book is available here: Amazon.com: makiavi This is the first of a projected 6 book series. Book 2 is in the works right now. For centuries, dragons...
  19. Scotty

    Ray Fox Action/Adventure webcomic (Chapter 2 finished!)

    I have an action/adventure furry comic called Ray Fox that I'd like to share. Been updating it since 2015 off and on but finally got around to starting chapter 2. If you're interested, check it out! Ray Fox the Comic -------------------------------------------------- Update! 5/6/18...
  20. A


    just opened a auction for a game in DeviantArt! Hope who win ask me for lewd art ;D read below: ORIGINAL POST AND BIDDING HERE: aizawasilk.deviantart.com: YCH AUCTION - PLATAFORM GAME, SB 60$ - OPEN Hey there! I'm opening my first YCH game auction! That's right, your character in a plataform...