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  1. FluffyShutterbug

    General Raccoon Activity

    Since raccoons are just foxxos with bandit masks, why not have a thread documenting their activity, too? Here's a chubby raccoon trying to reach for a graham cracker in the water:
  2. reptile logic

    Things instead of boredom

    Not a recent thought, but a recurring one: People claim to be bored and I don't get it. So I decided to start a thread with this question? What did you do or experience today, instead of being bored? Let's see; cleaned the kitchen, took a soak in the hot tub, finished up some work on the...
  3. furnacedragon

    FBlackLight con 6th edition

    Hi Furries! Joint us for FBL6, a French con near paris with activities, dance an hotel. More information in the site : forumanthrofur.wixsite.com: Fursuit Black Light See you there ! :p