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admin help

  1. FenrisNordwind

    a request to rethink. From the Rules

    Dear friends, sincetheinnovations in the rules of our beloved website of 04.16.20, 5.01.20, artists,have begun to undergo serious inconvenience in the dissemination of their art. there are more and more people on thesite. It’sbecoming more and more difficult to remain in the audience’s...
  2. ElectricEidolon

    Finding an art thief, but are not the OG artist

    Based on what I've read so far around the site and this forum, it's very hard to tell if admin take into account any art theft reports that aren't made by the artist of whom the art has been traced/stolen from. My question is: what if you've discovered an art thief, you have proof that they...
  3. W

    Help with art thief?

    I have an issue with a user on my page, they are following me, but they are also stealing my art from fa, and fb and claiming it as theirs. Ive blocked on fb and i blocked on FA, but as i understand blocking on fa dosent keep them from seeing my work that i upload. How can i make it so they dont...