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  1. Y

    What art software do you use?

    Amateur artist here, looking to learn about digital art. For a complete beginner, what software should I be learning to use? I know there are free things like Gimp, but if I ever wanted to get serious down the future and use things with more features like Photoshop, the stuff I learned in Gimp...
  2. Faustus

    Sketchbook: Camille the Moth

    I recently felt the need to have a go at drawing up a character I've been ruminating on for a while, and simultaneously take the opportunity to work on my fur-drawing skills (because she is excessively floofy!) I think I'm happy with the name 'Camille' for now, though I'm open to suggestions...
  3. Alison Savros

    Adobe Alternatives

    Hey there, I know some people are generally unhappy about Adobe's new policy so I thought I'd share a list of alternatives in a post I've made on my blog, because I don't know if character limits exist here. saturnus.x10.bz: Adobe Software Alternatives – Saturnus Official At the same time, if...
  4. W

    Getting tired of all these Adobe Flash Player security vulnerability news reports

    Usually, People (usually MacOS users) can't take anymore of these stupid Adobe Flash Player security vulnerabilities anymore, and Adobe Flash Player is nowadays considered by me as "Internet Scamming Propaganda" when it is related to Ransomware.