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adopt adoptable commissions paypal cash money

  1. Bread Shack

    Chibi Adopts CHEAP AND OPEN $5-$6

    Hey guys! I tried a new style out and made a few adopts. Please consider adopting them! www.furaffinity.net: Chibi Adopts (OPEN) by TheBreadShack Thanks for looking!!
  2. Starbomb

    [OPEN] Adopt Sale

    These girls are being sold, 20USD each, via PayPal. Comment on thread or here to claim! Thanks for you time! Find me: Picarto | Furaffinity | DeviantArt | Patreon | Ko-Fi
  3. CherryBombshell


    Hi all! My partner and I have been expanding our portfolio for furry commission work and decided to make some of the characters we came up with into adoptables! Take a look if you have time! Prices are negotiable! There’s an NSFW one but since those images aren’t allowed on here I’m posting a...
  4. eleoyasha

    Adoptables Open!

    Hello guys, I need to save money and I have decided to sell some of my OC's that I don't want anymore as adoptables. Price for each adopt: $5 But! For $7 extra you will get a chibi + a chibi headshot for the character that you adopted!($7 + $5 = $12) Chibi Headshot: www.furaffinity.net: [C]...
  5. blitzkri3g

    ☀Feral Adopt!☀

    ✃✃✃ ღ I have this gal up for adoption. ღ ღ She is $50 USD, but I am willing to haggle! ღ ღ Comment below if you want her. This is the only piece of art that comes with her- her name and other art is all you! ღ ✦ PAYPAL PAYMENT ONLY. Information will be given upon official adopt. ✦ ✪ DO NOT...
  6. A

    Adopts up for grabs

    Adopts up for grabs: NSFW warning Google: Up for grabs - Google Drive Stash incase you can't see them on google: sta.sh: Adopts
  7. SilveyDesigns

    caffeinated cat auction-15 starting bid

    please visit this link to bid- ( the buyout is 45 dollars each) thanks for looking! www.furaffinity.net: OTA CAFFEINATED KITTIES OPEN by SilveyDesigns
  8. zobielle

    Cafe Maids Adopts! 8/8 OPEN!

    I made some cute little Cafe Maid adoptables. Each of them also have back references and face, mouth/nose, and paw references (if needed!). You can comment on the post here or in this thread: www.furaffinity.net: Cafe Maids! 8/8 OPEN! by zovielle
  9. catcooties


    hey! i'm selling a bunch of adopts here www.furaffinity.net: CHARACTERS FOR SALE- ALL HAVE TO GO by catcooties i'm tired of these characters that i have collecting dust and i've been trying to sell them for a while you don't have to have toyhouse to claim these. just comment with whichever one...
  10. SilveyDesigns

    adoptable 15$ autobuy! no bids

    really want to see her find a loving home ! www.furaffinity.net: first adopt :3 by SilveyDesigns
  11. BelieveTheHorror

    [OPEN] Adopt Auction : Calder

    Bid here on deviantart believethehorror.deviantart.com: [OPEN] Adopt Auction : Calder Here is an adopt where I put a lot of effort in, I really like the result though :) I should probably try another colour then blue the next time I draw something though- I use it way too much XD Calder -...
  12. Nimphradora

    Colorful creature design

    Starting bid is $10, minimal bid increase is $2. Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid After you buy them I'll send you the full res picture of your creature. You can use it as you wish. Bid on my FA page. Design A Current bid : $10 Design B Current bid:
  13. Yoon

    #DoggoBoy ~

    Good (really not) boy who needs a good (really good) home <3 ~ $5 FOR THIS ONE <3 ~ ALL THAT YOU BUY IS MEDICINE FOR ME! EVERY CENT IS IMPORTANT! THANK YOU!
  14. Rooooox

    Magic Furry Adoptable Series! $10+

    Hi! I just returned to FA and I have some great New Adoptable Designs! Affordable and Cute so check them out! www.furaffinity.net: Magical Adopts: Part 1 by Rooooox
  15. Avelix

    $8 adopt!

    Info: cynamilk.deviantart.com: Tealetta Adopt-OPEN you can comment on that or PM me on FA: Userpage of avelix -- Fur Affinity [dot] net to claim! thanks!
  16. dozenfish

    Undead skullhorse adopts!

    View on Furaffinity The first round of skullhorses is restless and ready for new homes! They are $35 each. Please message me or comment on the gallery picture if you see one you like! I can also do custom characters on this base for $35 + $5 for each novel gene. A - open B - open C - open
  17. peachapri

    Anthro Lion and Puppy Adopts ! [OPEN]

    Lion ---------------- Photographer College Student Always on his phone Quiet --------------- 10 USD 15 USD for shaded bust --------------- OWNER: Puppy --------------- Lost legs in accident Decorates fake legs with stickers Very energetic Loves watermelon (watermelon on overalls)...
  18. AntheiaVaulor

    Commissions and adopts opened.

    Hi!~ I'm opening commissions and also have some adopts to sale. You can check adopts here: Artwork Gallery for AntheiaVaulor -- Fur Affinity [dot] net My pricelist with a lot of examples here: sta.sh: Commissions
  19. CountingBlackSheep

    Adopt i really want a good home for!

    i would like a minimum of $15 for them if that's okay! i'll also do customs like this for $10 to $15 sorry if i do something wrong i'm so bad at fourms fml
  20. R

    Goat Girl Adoptable

    Selling this goat girl that I've had for some time now. She comes with two pieces of bonus art (one mature by Mizukithia, one nsfw by Hutchyyy) I'm open to haggling, but I was hoping for $15 to $20 dollars. If you are interested please comment here: www.furaffinity.net: Purple Goat Girl...