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adopt adoptable commissions paypal cash money

  1. Doodle Bunny

    Male Jackalope Adopt $18!!!

    This guy is for sale here: www.furaffinity.net: Chill, Male Jackalope Adoptable ($18!!!) by Doodle_Bunny Leave a comment on the page if you're interested!
  2. eggyboii

    furcouple // set price open

    I'm selling these two together for $15 !!
  3. AlleycatIrony

    GRYPHON ADOPT + 2 ref sheets

    she's $80! PM me if interested and i'll link u to my paypal and the two high res 2850x2550 versions of this and an nsfw reference! {nsfw version}
  4. MoebiousII

    Newbie opening commissions starting $7- come and look :D

    Hi hi! Im starting here as new member ( my bae recommended me this place, because you are a such lovely community:)) and want to show my humble works n.n, also Im opening commissions this year, here you can see : I draw mostly humans, but i can do anthro and furry as well, I loove scales and...
  5. Snowfleet

    YCH's & Adopts! $5+ Fixed up!

    Let me try again since I overlooked an adopt that was cheaper than $5 the first time around :oops: I WILL NEGOTIATE PRICES ON ADOPTABLES Unless they're already $5...that's pretty cheap. Closed Species Adopts: $15 & $10 Other Adopts: Auction: SB $10, IB $2, AB $200 (encourage bidding)
  6. Fireflyuh

    Adoptables and little commissions !

    Hi guys ! I'm beginning here on FA and I would like to start my commissions ! I'll open 3 slots for drawings like this, for 15$ each ! www.furaffinity.net: [OC] Hayley by Fireflyuh I ALSO SELL AN ADOPTABLE for 10$ ! For 5 extra dollar I can draw it digitally and color it for you :3 (the color...