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adopt adoptables auction dog canine cute

  1. Kunda

    6$ male dog adopts

    I have these kids up for 6$ each On fa ^^ #3 is closed!
  2. J

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Chibi ShortStack Adoptables for Sale!

    please feel free to check out my adoptables uwu they're fitness & monster girl inspired shortstack adoptables c': ! www.furaffinity.net: chibi shortstacks fit furballs batch 7 2/3 open! by slushiipanda www.furaffinity.net: chibi shortstacks batch 6 monster maidens 2/3 open! by slushiipanda
  3. zobielle

    Adoptables: Auction and Flat Price!

    I've been posting a lot of adoptables recently and wanted post them around a bit! These two are auctions: You can bid for this one here: www.furaffinity.net: Fire and Ice Dragon Auction! OPEN! by zovielle (Highest bid: SB of $10!) You can bid for this cutie here: www.furaffinity.net: Angel...
  4. Ziara

    Ziara's got summer specials on Adopts!!

    Hey everyone! I have a few adoptables that will hopefully go to a good home. :) I consider my work to be high quality. I am still fairly new to furaffinity, so consider this an early-bird special! :D These are auctions that will end on Tuesday the 5th, 10PM PST. Each comes with 4 copies (full...